24 June 2024

Candling and ear conching – popular methods for cleaning the ears

świecowanie i konchowanie uszu

What is ear candling and ear candling? Read the article and find out if the treatments are effective. Get to know opinions on candling and ear conching. Find out what the price of the treatments is and whether they can be performed at home.

Candling and ear conching

Candling and ear conching are natural medicine treatments that date back to ancient times. The first descriptions of the methods can be found in the writings of the ancient Greeks. Knowledge about these treatments was passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to this, it has survived to this day in an almost unchanged form. Currently, candling and conching are very popular and are used all over the world.

The main purpose of candling and conching is to remove earwax from the ears. In addition, conching helps to clear the sinuses and makes it easier to breathe through the nose.

ear candling and conching - ear

What is ear candling and ear conching?

Ear candling and conching treatments are very pleasant forms of therapy. They are based on the so-called thermal chimney effect in the ear. Thanks to it, a negative pressure is created in the ear canal, and this allows you to get rid of earwax and impurities. In addition, balancing the pressure in the so-called the Eustachian tube helps to improve auditory sensitivity.

What is the difference between ear candling and ear candling? The mechanism of action of both treatments is very similar. There are differences in the type of candles used and the strength of the impact. Candles used for the candling treatment are shorter and narrower, while the candles for conching are longer and multi-layered. In addition , the conching procedure is stronger and takes longer than candling. The choice of method depends on the type of ailment. If you want to cleanse your ears and relax, just use a gentle candling treatment. In the event of ailments from the respiratory system or a more serious problem, it is recommended to conch the ears several times. However, it is worth remembering that serious ailments should always be consulted with a specialist.

Candling – methods

Candling and ear conching are performed with the use of special candles. They are handcrafted from linen or cotton fabric, beeswax, essential oils and propolis. During the procedure, the patient lies on his side and has a pillow under his head. A paper towel or cover with a specially cut hole for the ear is placed on the head. Additionally, the cream is rubbed into the auricle. This is to stimulate circulation and improve the absorption of substances that are found in the candle’s essential oils. These healing oils help with ear problems and additionally provide relaxation and stress relief.

The candle is placed about 1 cm in the ear and then lit. Then wait for the candle to burn out completely (the lower part does not burn, which prevents burns and ensures safety). In the center of the candle there is a special plate on which dirt accumulates. When the candle burns out, expand it and check the amount of debris that has accumulated inside.

Candling takes about 20-30 minutes , while conching takes about 45 minutes. After the treatments are finished, it is advisable to lie down for a few minutes. It is also important to put cotton balls in your ears. Additionally, the patient should not wash his head or ears on the same day.

It is worth noting that these methods are safe and effective when performed by a professional with the use of appropriate candles.

The indication for candling and conching is primarily an excess of earwax in the ears. In addition, it will also work well for people struggling with tinnitus, upper respiratory tract infections or migraine headaches.

ear candling and conching - candle

Candling and conching – effects

Candling is primarily to clean the ears of impurities and earwax . In addition, the procedure regulates the pressure in the middle ear, which facilitates nasal breathing. Candling also helps with migraines, stress and immunosuppression . Conching is helpful in combating tinnitus and ringing in the ears. In addition, it helps to remove ailments during colds and other infections of the upper respiratory tract. In addition, both candling and conching the ears improve well-being, allow you to relax and unwind. Treatments are also recommended for people who work in noise or dust.

However, it should be remembered that although the described methods may be helpful in the case of mild ailments, it is worth consulting a specialist in the case of more serious problems.

Ear candling at home

Candling treatment can be performed at home. However, it is worth remembering that it affects a very delicate organ and carries the risk of damaging the eardrum or burning. Therefore, it should be performed by a qualified specialist or trained and experienced person. Thanks to this, we will be sure that it was carried out correctly and will bring the expected results. Candling should be done carefully and without haste, using the appropriate candles. The procedure should not be performed alone.

If you decide to carry out a candling treatment at home, it is worth buying good-quality candles that are made of natural ingredients. Be careful when purchasing, as there are many fakes and low-quality products on the market today.

Ear candling – how often?

Candling and conching treatment is intended for both women and men. It can also be performed on older children. In order to obtain the best results, ear candling should be performed once every six months. It can be used more often by people struggling with the ailments described in the article, as well as people working in dust and noise. Candling can be repeated several times. Both the frequency and type of treatment are selected by specialists.

ear candling and conching - ear hygiene

Ear candling in children

Ear candling can be performed on older children. During the procedure, you should lie still, so it is impossible to perform it on young children. As in the case of adults, in children, candling should also be carried out by a qualified and experienced person (in order to ensure the highest possible safety). The treatment will allow you to clean the ears, and additionally, it will be effective in relieving ailments related to, for example, infections of the upper respiratory tract. However, it should be remembered that in the event of more serious problems, it cannot replace a visit to a specialist.

Ear candling – contraindications

The candling procedure is not intended for young children, people using implants or hearing aids, and people with hyperactivity. Other contraindications include:

  • • allergy to beekeeping products
  • • inflammation, ear infection
  • • damage to the eardrum
  • • Head damage
  • • an infectious disease
  • • higher temperature

Conching ears – opinions

Many people who use candling or ear candling are satisfied with the results. Here are some examples of Internet users’ opinions about the procedure:

“I personally recommend ear candling. I struggled with frequent ear infections for a long time. Candling REALLY helps. “


“I had ear candling done. I feel great. Oddly enough, I haven’t had sinuses since then. I RECOMMEND.”


“A very good method, provided that it is performed by a trained person.”


“It’s a great method – I use it with my children and husband, I am delighted”


Ear candling and ear conching – price

These treatments are available at very attractive prices. The cost of candling is about PLN 50-60, while for conching we will pay about PLN 80. Treatments are performed, for example, in natural medicine clinics by qualified specialists. Considering the benefits of using these methods, their price is very affordable. If you decide to candlelight or conch your ears, you will clean your ears and improve your well-being at a low cost. It is worth visiting the websites – check the prices of treatments and available promotions.

Summing up, candling and conching treatments are a perfect solution for people who want to cleanse their ears and help themselves fight minor respiratory ailments. In addition, these methods are an ideal idea if you want to relax and unwind. Treatments have a similar mechanism of action, but differ in strength. The appropriate method should be selected depending on the type of ailments. The treatments are painless and pleasant, and their additional advantage is the affordable price.

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