13 April 2024

Vaginal itching

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It is difficult to find a woman who has not struggled with the unpleasant ailment of vaginal itching at least once. Intimate areas are very sensitive, so we always want to deal with any discomfort in this zone as soon as possible. Usually, itching and burning of the vulva is associated with bacterial or fungal infections, but there are many more factors that can cause itching. Most often, the first symptoms are felt as a result of an increase in vaginal pH, when the natural bacterial flora is disturbed. Thanks to the article below, you will learn what the causes of vaginal itching are, what to do to deal with them, when you need specialist help and what rules to follow to avoid similar problems in the future.

Uncommon causes of vaginal itching

Before going to the doctor, it is worth considering whether we do not know the answer to the question of what causes the itching sensation in intimate parts . Often times, we are able to reduce the impact of these factors without much effort. Belong to them:

– too tight underwear and / or made of synthetic materials, –
irritating effect of washing detergents, –
allergy to intimate hygiene fluid , –
use of tampons in case of weak menstrual bleeding, –
use of vaginal contraceptives,
– vaginal dryness caused by insufficient hydration of the body, –
irritation after depilation, –
poorly selected lubricants, –
allergy to the latex contained in some condoms, –
contact with chlorinated water, e.g. at the swimming pool,
– menopausal period, –
minor abrasions caused during intercourse.

We can eliminate the above causes of vaginal itching by ourselves, by ceasing to expose the vulva to irritating factors. However, if the itching is still persistent despite the change in habits, it is worth helping yourself with proven home methods. 

vaginal itching - home remedies

Home remedies for vaginal itching

There are many proven options for relieving itchy vaginas. First of all, it is worth shortening the pubic hair, which can additionally irritate the vulva and aggravate ailments. The next step should be to choose an appropriate intimate hygiene fluid with a pH close to that of the vagina (approx. 5.2). You should also ensure proper hydration of intimate places with the help of lubricants intended for this purpose. If you often struggle with intimate ailments, enrich your diet with dairy products that contain probiotics – bacteria of the genus Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. The appropriate bacterial flora will also help to maintain probiotics, i.e. OTC drugs available over the counter: both in the form of capsules to be swallowed and vaginal globules. Among the home methods of fighting vaginal itching, there are also rinses with a 3% solution of boric acid, baths with the addition of apple cider vinegar or baking soda. Phytotherapy is also an invaluable help in intimate ailments .

How To Treat Vaginal Itching With Herbs?

In itching of intimate places, help is provided by:

  • sage soups (you can also add chamomile, yarrow herb or calendula flower) – 3 tablespoons of sage herb or leaves should be poured with 2-3 liters of hot water and brewed, covered, until the decoction reaches the optimal temperature. The resulting decoction should be strained into a bowl and sit for a quarter of an hour.
  • thyme baths  – pour about 100 g of thyme herb with five liters of water and cook, covered, for 3-5 minutes. Leave the resulting stock to cool and then strain it. Place the boiled herbs in a cloth bag, then, together with the decoction, transfer to a bathtub with warm water. Bath time should be 10 to 15 minutes.
  • plantain infusion  – a tablespoon of dried plantain leaves, pour hot water, boil for 5 minutes. The resulting decoction should be used to wash intimate places several times a day. Thanks to this, we will feel a significant relief, we will eliminate congestion and swelling in the intimate areas.
vaginal itching - medical consultation

Pathological causes of vaginal itching

If home treatment is ineffective, symptoms worsen, and other symptoms (vaginal discharge, abdominal pain) are accompanied by itching, a doctor should be consulted. The cause of the symptoms described may be intimate infections, which cannot be treated with home remedies, and if left untreated, they can lead to serious complications. The most common intimate infections include:

  • fungal infections  – yeasts live naturally in the vagina in small amounts, but it happens that their multiplication occurs too much. Then they become the cause of unpleasant ailments for us, which include itching, burning, swelling, vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse or menstrual disorders. A characteristic symptom of mycosis are vaginal discharge: thick, white with a cheesy consistency and a specific yeast odor. 
  • bacterial infections – usually caused by disturbed functioning of the endocrine system or improper hygiene of intimate areas. Vaginal itching is then accompanied by burning and pain. Vaginal discharge can be yellow, yellow-green or grayish in color with a characteristic fishy smell.
  • Trichomoniasis of the genitourinary tract  – a sexually transmitted disease caused by protozoa: vaginal trichomoniasis The most common symptoms of trichomoniasis, apart from vaginal itching, include: foamy, yellow-green discharge and pain during intercourse.

It should be remembered that these diseases require an accurate diagnosis by a specialist and the selection of appropriate treatment, often also by a partner. Only a doctor will give you a prescription for drugs that will eliminate the cause of the disease, not just its symptoms. 

vaginal itching - underwear

What to do to avoid vaginal itching?

  1. Wear cotton underwear;
  2. Do not wash your intimate places with ordinary soap as it has a strong drying effect;
  3. Take care of a healthy diet and adequate hydration of the body;
  4. Use gentle detergents for washing underwear;
  5. Avoid wearing tights and tight pants for hours;
  6. Carefully epilate intimate areas.
  7. Take care of intimate hygiene and expect the same from your partner.

In summary, there are many possible causes of vaginal itching , both non-morbid and requiring specialist assistance. In any case, it is extremely important to observe your body, because even a seemingly innocent infection, if neglected, can lead to serious consequences. However, if the cause of vaginal itching is not due to an intimate disease , it is extremely important to know the routines and helpful home methods to relieve vaginal itching. Nevertheless, every woman who cares about her health should remember about regular visits to the gynecologist who will help to take care of her intimate health. Each of us, wishing to ensure health and forget about itchy problem, should make a conscious choicecosmetics for the care of intimate places and wear underwear made of airy fabrics. Equally important is a proper diet, low in sugar and alcohol, and rich in nutrients that strengthen immunity and the natural bacterial flora of the body.

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