13 April 2024

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Welcome to diet4u.org blog!

If you came here, it means that you are looking for information on broadly understood health. Together with the entire editorial staff of diet4u, we invite you to read the articles we have prepared on topics that are important to us, sometimes embarrassing. There is no taboo for us. Hence, we created this blog to be able to raise issues that are so often, for various reasons, overlooked. 

In order to smoothly navigate the diet4u blog, we have prepared thematic categories to which we systematically add new, interesting articles. We are constantly looking for niche novelties that are able to make you find something interesting here. And if we do not have something that you would like to read about, contact us via Facebook where we systematically publish new articles about weight loss, beauty or sex. After all, we are not people who know everything;)

Losing weight  is a category in which you will find various types of diets. At this point, we advise you to lose a few unnecessary kilograms in a healthy, easy, and tasty way.


Beauty  is a place for everyone who cares about looking good. So if you want to be like young Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, check what and how we advise you.


Atypical diseases are a category that may not get much approval in the eyes of many people. However, in line with the saying that nothing human is alien to us, we had to touch upon many ungrateful disease topics. 


Dietary supplements are a category in which we review, recommend, or not, supplements that can help us in everyday life. But also those that can have a positive impact on our lives, beneficial to our weight, beauty, or any other kind of ailments.


Trivia is a place where you will find everything that does not suit us in other categories. And since we are curious about the world, you will find here a lot of texts that can allow you to broaden your knowledge. 


Sex is an inseparable part of our life. Hence the category that for many is a taboo subject. However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Sex is an important part of our lives about which we should know as much as possible. 


We hope you are navigating as a horizontal column at the top of the categories page in a clear and legible manner. We also believe that it will easily allow you to navigate between topics such as weight loss, beauty, dietary supplements , sex or interesting facts. After all, this is a blog for you. We, as the editor of this blog, only externalize ourselves by using words on the virtual screen of your laptop, desktop computer, phone or tablet. And that’s enough for us. And if we help, that’s great!

Of course, we can sometimes be wrong. As we have already pointed out, we do not know everything. We are not doctors, and our articles are the result of curiosity about the world, our own experiences and thorough research. So if you aren’t sure what’s wrong with you, you’d better consult your doctor. A blind trust in even the best-written articles will never replace a specialist doctor. Especially nowadays.

Hence, we are very pleased that you are. However, we advise you not to forget about common sense, thoughtful decisions and wise purchases. We would like to point out that even if we describe some dietary supplements here, they are dietary supplements that, above all, do not harm. However, if you are unsure whether you can use them safely, you should check with your doctor or pharmacist.

Diet4u – because it’s about you!

As a team of diet4u blog, we warmly greet you.


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