24 June 2024

Sticking eyelashes side effects

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Gluing eyelashes is a procedure that is becoming more and more popular among women. Currently, many beauty salons perform treatments that allow you to get nice-looking, thick and long eyelashes. That is why many women decide to stick eyelashes on a regular basis. However, it turns out that this seemingly simple procedure carries some risks. There are also many contraindications to its implementation.

What does eyelash extension look like step by step?

There are several types of false eyelashes available in the market. These include very light eyelashes made of silk proteins, natural eyelashes made of Siberian mink fur or synthetic eyelashes.

How is the process of attaching eyelashes step by step? The previously selected eyelashes are applied to the eye and it is checked whether their width is appropriate, and the beginning and end are on the line of natural eyelashes. When this is not the case, the eyelashes should be trimmed slightly. The next step is to apply glue to the strip of eyelashes and stick them with tweezers. It is important to remember that the strip of eyelashes should be as close to the line of natural eyelashes as possible. Then just wait for the glue to dry.

Long eyelashes

Sticking eyelashes – side effects

However, it turns out that gluing eyelashes has many side effects. It should be remembered that gluing artificial eyelashes is possible thanks to various types of cosmetic adhesives. The substances contained in them sometimes have an irritating effect and cause allergic reactions, which are manifested by swelling of the eyelids, their redness, itching, and in extreme cases conjunctivitis or corneal inflammation. In addition, there is a risk of bacterial and fungal infections. This applies to synthetic eyelashes that carry dirt and bacteria. Another negative effect of gluing eyelashes may be damage to the hair follicles, which causes weakening of the eyelashes, and ultimately their loss. Returning to the state before the procedure is very difficult and long-lasting.

For some time it has been fashionable to attach sequins, beads or even bird feathers to eyelashes. These are decorations that additionally burden the eyelashes and can lead to their mechanical damage. Wearing such eyelashes is also not very comfortable.

swollen eyelid

What can end up with incompetent gluing eyelashes?

There are many beauty salons on the Polish market that perform eyelash sticking procedures in a way that is far from professional. This, of course, increases the risk of various complications. Lack of proper hygiene, incompetence of people working in such places or the use of poor-quality cosmetics may result in the need to visit an ophthalmologist. For some time now, more and more people, for financial and other reasons, decide to stick eyelashes on their own. They use cheap cosmetics available online, the quality of which usually leaves much to be desired.

Gluing eyelashes – contraindications to perform the procedure

The price of gluing eyelashes is becoming more and more attractive, which is why more and more women are opting for this type of treatment. Today, it is estimated that women choose eyelash extensions more often than manicure, which for years was the most popular cosmetic procedure. Although this procedure is relatively simple, its complications can be very unpleasant and painful.

It is worth knowing, however, that attaching eyelashes is an interference in the body, which is why the application of false eyelashes can lead to many unpleasant side effects. First of all, this procedure is associated with the risk of developing infections, e.g. conjunctivitis or corneal irritation. Occasionally there is also an allergic swelling of the eyelids. Few women are aware of the fact that gluing eyelashes also causes a significant weakening of natural hair, which often results in their partial or even complete loss. Loss of eyelashes encourages women to repeat the procedure, which only worsens the condition of natural eyelashes. Experts have also proven that eyelashes subjected to pressure, which occurs when false eyelashes are attached to natural eyelashes, can even lead to damage to the hair follicles and complete inhibition of eyelash growth.


There are also a number of contraindications to performing the eyelash sticking procedure. These are:

  • conjunctivitis
  • eye diseases,
  • bacterial, viral infections,
  • weakness of the body,
  • lack of eyelashes, e.g. after chemotherapy
  • allergy to the composition of eyelash glue.

Sticking eyelashes according to ophthalmologists

Although gluing on eyelashes is increasingly considered unfashionable, and the effect achieved by the procedure is kitschy, there are still many women who decide to do it. According to ophthalmologists, it is best to refrain from it, unless it is required by the profession. Many people realize how gluing eyelashes can end up only after some time. It turns out that the loss of eyelashes or damage to the hair follicles can occur only after a few months after the first treatment. So it’s best to stick with traditional mascara.

Sticking eyelashes side effects and contraindications

In this post, we focused on the side effects of eyelash extensions. Our article contains our tips on how to perform eyelash extensions step by step. However, we believe that inexperienced people should consult a beautician or more experienced friends before performing this procedure on their own.

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