18 April 2024

Vegan cosmetics – what does it mean?

kosmetyki wegańskie

Not everyone knows that veganism is not only a style of eating that excludes meat and all animal products. Its main idea also translates into other spheres of life, including the abandonment of products tested on animals and containing animal ingredients. Currently, vegan cosmetics are becoming more and more popular – we can buy them at any drugstore. You don’t have to be vegan to use them. How do they differ from other products? What substances cannot be found in their composition and why is it worth using them? We encourage you to read!

What ingredients cannot be found in veggie cosmetics?

The fact that the cosmetic is vegan means that it has not been tested on animals at any stage of its development. Cosmetic ingredients, which under no circumstances can be found in vegan cosmetics, include: honey, tallow, beeswax, eggs, yogurt, glycerin, lanolin, collagen, casein, milk, stearic acid or keratin. Musk or ambergris, which are used to create fragrances, are also not added to veg cosmetics.

Plant ingredients successfully replace substances of animal origin. Vegan cosmetics use valuable properties of such plants as:

  • aloe vera – its moisturizing properties have been used in cosmetics for centuries. Aloe is beneficial for both skin and hair.
  • algae extract – contains amino acids and antioxidants that have a firming effect.
  • yarrow – has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes the skin and gives shine to the hair.
  • arnica oil – when combined with vitamin E, a deodorant is created. The oil is added to tonics and micellar liquids.
  • chamomile – soothes and softens the skin. It is added to various types of body lotions and tonics.
  • beetroot- is a natural dye. It is used as a substitute for carmine obtained from insects.
  • acacia bark juice – it is used as a thickener in creams, gels and hairsprays.
  • apple pectin – has gelling properties.
  • olive oil – is used instead of tallow.
  • chrysarobin – is a vegan keratin substitute. It soothes skin lesions, which is why it is added to acne preparations.
  • witch hazel hydrolate – has an astringent and refreshing effect on the skin. It reduces redness and seals capillaries. Eliminates wrinkles.

Vegan cosmetics – markings. How to recognize them?

How do you know if a given cosmetic does not contain the above ingredients? Vegan cosmetics are marked with a special certificate, the acquisition of which requires compliance with many restrictive rules. Such a label guarantees that a given cosmetic has been prepared without the use of animal ingredients and that all substances used in it come from organic farming. Vegan cosmetics also do not contain dyes, artificial preservatives or chemical thickeners. In addition to selecting products with green labels, we can check specific cosmetics on websites created by animal rights organizations. Lists of such cosmetics are published by: NAVS, PETA, BUAV. On the packaging of veg cosmetics there is usually an inscription: “not tested on animals”, which means 

Remember that the prefix “vege” does not always indicate that a product is organic – it only means that it does not contain animal ingredients.

Vegan cosmetics for makeup – famous brands

Vegan cosmetics are gaining more and more interest – there are many interesting brands on the market that create products only from natural, plant ingredients. The use of this type of color cosmetics was popularized by Kat von D – a famous Mexican tattoo artist who created her own brand. It is worth checking the offer of the following companies: Lily Lolo, Ben Eye, IUNO Cosmetics, Pur Cosmetics, Urban Decay, Lush Cosmetics or GOSH Kaos (vegan perfumes). We should also remember that most of the well-known brands, apart from ordinary cosmetics, also offer vegan products. It is worth paying attention to young Polish brands such as: Bionigree, Kozmetics or Zielone Laboratorium.

Vegan hair cosmetics

In everyday hair care, it is also worth focusing on naturalness. Shampoos available at drugstores weigh the hair down, making it greasy faster. Vegan shampoos and hair conditioners based on plant ingredients nourish and regenerate. Vegan hair care products include aloe vera, green tea, cereal extracts, oils (almond, coconut or argan), witch hazel, chamomile, field horsetail, flax and many more. It is worth trying the cosmetics of the following brands (the offer also includes body care products): Zielone Laboratorium, Trawiaste, Bionigree, Hair Care Panda, Tołpa, Isana. Shampoos and conditioners are available at prices from several to several dozen zlotys.

vegan cosmetics - what does it mean?

Vegan cosmetics – a way to deal with acne

The problem of the formation of acne affects people of all ages. It is worth remembering that drug treatment will only be effective when we get rid of the cause of the problem. What can cause acne?

  • hormonal changes,
  • bad diet,
  • stress,
  • food intolerances,
  • genes,
  • incorrectly selected cosmetics,
  • the use of stimulants
  • diabetes

Acne formation can also be associated with bad skin care habits. Artificial substances, chemicals and dyes do not serve our skin and do not thoroughly cleanse it of all impurities and excess sebum. That is why it is worth giving up colored make-up removers or attractive-looking creams with the addition of preservatives.

It turns out that vegan cosmetics are an extremely effective remedy for treating acne. Acne skin should be treated very gently, so natural ingredients will be the best. Vegan soap with activated carbon – Carbon Theory, which effectively destroys the bacteria responsible for the formation of skin lesions, is becoming more and more popular among consumers. Unfortunately, this product is unavailable in Poland, but there are many counterparts on the market. Substances that work against acne include: tea tree oil, aloe, chrysarobin. We can find them in most vegan acne skin care cosmetics.

vegan cosmetics - where to buy?

Vegan cosmetics – advantages

What are the advantages of using vegan cosmetics? By purchasing this type of product, we contribute to the care of the basic rights of animals. Vege cosmetics have a beneficial effect on our skin and hair, because they are made only of natural, completely safe ingredients. Such cosmetics do not contain chemicals and artificial additives that sensitize – it is a great alternative for people struggling with skin irritation and inflammation. Vegan cosmetics are gentle and perfect for all skin types, and their use reduces the risk of allergic reactions and other side effects. If we want to start using only vegan cosmetics, we have to take into account slightly higher costs, but this is the only downside. The high quality and performance of the cosmetics completely rewards their higher price.

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