14 April 2024

Laser hair removal – protecting health and taking care of the appearance

depilacja laserowa dla kobiet

Laser hair removal is the topic of our today’s post.

Although it is still cold outside, many people are probably already thinking about holidays and holiday trips in the glow of the hot sun. It is worth preparing for them now. Some people want to shed unwanted pounds, take care of their figure, and some are looking for ways to get rid of regrown hair .

What exactly is laser hair removal?

It is an effective hair removal treatment. It can be used, among others for arms, legs, armpits and is intended for both women and men. For various reasons, but above all for health reasons, it is best not to use it for intimate places, because the laser beam may slightly damage the delicately built skin structure. It is similar with the eyebrows. Nevertheless, the laser epilator is a great alternative to shaving with a razor or removing it with wax patches due to its convenient shape, comfort and quiet operation.

Home laser hair removal – what you should know

Not so long ago, epilation was performed only in beauty salons. Fortunately, technology is constantly evolving and you no longer have to run to specialists for each hair removal treatment.

Depending on where we want to buy a laser epilator and what brand it should be, the price ranges from PLN 400 to PLN 1600.

Before working with the laser begins for good, it is important to know what better not to do before removing hair from any part of your body. At least one month before performing the laser hair removal treatment yourself, you should give up :

  • all types of epilation,
  • sunlight
  • body scrubs
  • and any activities that might in some way irritate the skin.

Of course, just like any previously untested product, it is worth checking on a small area of ​​the body how the skin will “absorb” it. Only when you are sure that everything is fine, you can start laser hair removal. It is worth reading the recommendations that the manufacturer attached to the device to properly select the light for the body part.

The principle of operation is quite simple. The laser epilator should be warmed up, then put it on the skin and turn on the light beam. The action should be repeated in places where you want to get rid of hair. At home, laser hair removal requires mainly device operation and precision. Usually, manufacturers facilitate this by accurately describing the rules of use and designing it so that it can be used more easily and pleasantly.

After laser hair removal, the skin should be properly taken care of, that is, moisturize it frequently and apply a cream with a UV filter every now and then, for the safety and health of the skin, which is exposed to harmful sun rays. Therefore, it is important to use laser hair removal in winter, when the skin has time to adapt to the new situation.

laser hair removal - contraindications

Laser hair removal contraindications to its use

It is known that laser hair removal is intended mainly for cosmetic purposes and in connection with the care of the appearance of the body, you should take into account your health and your own safety. There are some contraindications , mainly health ones, and it is worth getting acquainted with them before starting the procedure. These include:

  • pregnancy due to the lack of research data on how the laser beam affects the pregnant body;
  • the period of breastfeeding, especially in the first three months of lactation;
  • neoplasms (history – after medical consultation) – 5 years should pass from the end of therapy;
  • tendency to keloids;
  • pacemaker;
  • viral, bacterial and fungal infections at the treatment site (herpes, warts, warts), as they can spread to a larger area of ​​the body;
  • skin diseases such as: vitiligo, psoriasis, ichthyosis, skin discoloration;
  • allergic changes, skin inflammation;
  • chronic diseases, e.g. epilepsy, diabetes;
  • blistering skin diseases;
  • taking anticoagulant and photosensitizing drugs and herbs (St. John’s wort, calendula, field horsetail, sage, pansy) at least 2 weeks before the procedure and taking antibiotics during the procedure due to the weakening of the body;
  • steel surgical elements in the body, e.g. an orthodontic appliance;
  • strong tan, which can lead to skin burns;
  • the use of self-tanners and beta carotene orally;
  • age, in fact, the only limitation in this matter is in the case of a minor, the consent of the parent to perform the procedure;
  • hair color – due to the low effectiveness of the treatment, red, gray and blonde hair is not worth undergoing this type of treatment, because these hair colors contain too little melanin, which in turn does not give the desired effect of hair removal;
  • pulling hair 4-8 weeks before the procedure with tweezers, epilator or wax;
  • tattoo in the place of surgery.

Despite the fact that there are quite a lot of contraindications to the use of laser hair removal, it should be remembered that this is only information to perform it only under safe conditions. When taking care of the external appearance, it is worth remembering that by doing something against your health, we can only worsen it and it is useless to look after yourself superficially.

laser hair removal - treatment

Laser hair removal treatment effects

It is known from practice that the best effects of epilation are on naturally dark hair . If they are additionally thick, it enhances the effectiveness of the treatment. Then you do not have to wait long for the results, because you can see them already 2-3 weeks after laser hair removal. Hair reduction is then noticeable at the level of 20-30% which gives a really good result.

How does it happend? In fact, most of it is due to the dye – melanin found in the hair . Due to the fact that darker hair has more of it, they are better removable because the laser beam reaches the center of the hair through this dye. This means that the more dye, the faster the light penetrates. In addition, the laser damages the hair papilla, and thus the growth is disturbed and you can enjoy a long-lasting effect.

Much depends on a correctly performed procedure and the equipment that is used for it. This way you can get rid of hair permanently. Most often, the result is only a few hair that is weak. It all depends on individual conditions, but after just 3 treatments of laser hair removal, you can get rid of as much as 80% of unwanted hair. Of course, for a permanent result, you can perform a fixing treatment after about 2 years to remove only individual hairs.

Laser hair removal Warsaw

At the moment, in our capital city you can find quite a few salons where laser hair removal is performed. The sample prices are quite affordable, taking into account the market, and even more so if we come across promotions. If there are no health contraindications, laser hair removal can really be performed on a large part of the body.

One of the surgeries that perform laser hair removal treatment is the Elite Laser Therapy Center, which has an impressive experience because it has been dealing with this faculty since 1999. If someone has some concerns about the place where this procedure is performed, it is worth following the experience and opinions that are abundant on the Internet. Of course, it is worth asking the persons carrying out the procedure about the originality of the devices, safety and what is worrying at the moment, but first of all you should take care of your own health and contraindications . If nothing stands in the way – go ahead! Always remember that the issue of hair regrowth depends on the regeneration of the body and individual conditions.

Laser hair removal is it worth it – for and against

Certainly for people who have been endowed with more hair by nature, which is impossible to deal with due to its strong structure and dark color – it’s worth it. If only for this, to see for yourself. If someone wants to get rid of unwanted hair on a part of the body, laser removal can be beneficial. Of course, this treatment is not only for people who stubbornly struggle with their hair in places where they don’t want to have it, but also for those who just like to take care of themselves and have the comfort of smooth skin . Especially now, in the winter, for the undecided – this is the time when the skin is not exposed to the sun’s rays, and you can start such treatment without worrying about hair regrowth during holidays.

laser hair removal

Depending on whether we decide to take a home treatment, it is worth investing in good equipment. Due to the fact that it has to be repeated from time to time (every few weeks), it can be a large cost of the procedure in a beauty salon. Here, the decision is individual, either we buy a better laser epilator and enjoy the effects developed by ourselves, or undergo a treatment performed by an experienced specialist. The disadvantage of home epilators is that they are less powerful than those used in professional salons.

Laser hair removal – does it hurt?

This is probably a question that bothers the majority of those interested. It is not that it is a procedure that cannot be felt, even taking into account the fact that it is mainly irradiating the skin, and not pulling out the hair, as in the case of tweezers, wax or patches. You can feel a slight burning or stinging sensation of the skin with laser hair removal, but as you know, its effect is worth it. However, the fact is that the thicker the hair, the more the impulses are felt. Depending on the body part, the power of the device is set, which may actually be a bit uncomfortable. Of course, it all depends on your pain resistance and, again, how your body is dealing with the new challenges that we set for it. To protect customers from this unpleasant condition, companies have taken a step forward and equipped the equipment with a pain-relieving system. It is, for example, a laser tip with a cooling system, a cooling fan or a cold gel. It is not worth listening to the opinions of others in case of pain, because each of us is different and the fact that laser hair removal hurts someone does not necessarily mean that everyone will hurt.

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