29 June 2024

About us

Hi. It’s good that you are there!

I would like to write a few words about us here. However, writing about myself and my friends turned out to be so difficult that I will only say that we are a group of old friends who put health first. And so we turned from words to deeds. Or maybe more from deeds to words? It is not for me to judge. Well, once upon a time we decided to start writing about health with Marta. The result was a blog on the blox platform, which unfortunately does not exist anymore. Later, Daga and Patryk also joined. And so there are four of us. We try to write so that you can learn something new about human nature. (Actually, we are also constantly learning something new).

However, each of us specializes in something else. Hence, we have divided our blog into six categories. So far, we do not know if it is good. But we have weight loss , beauty , interesting facts or sex . There are also atypical diseases as well as dietary supplements . So you will probably find something for yourself. And I just have, or rather we hope you like it and you often come to our site.

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