14 April 2024

Nail straightening – what is it?

prostowanie paznokcia

There are many reasons why your toenail is not growing properly and is painful. One of the most common is ingrown toenails. Some causes can be influenced and some can even be prevented by taking good care of your feet. There are also diseases in which the nails, both on the feet and hands, do not grow properly, which are more difficult to control. What is nail straightening?

Bad footwear is also the reason why the nails are in poor condition. Tight shoes or high heels put pressure on your toes and nails, directing their growth in the wrong direction. You can prevent this by choosing comfortable and fitted shoes with flat heels.

The reason that the nails grow badly and change their shape is also the tapered shoes. Another important factor is incorrect shortened nails. This is quite unusual, but the cause of the problem can even be traced back to the genes! The aging process of our body tissues and disease also contribute to the changes in the growth of the nail plates. 

Straightening the nail plate

Improper nail clipping or any injuries are also the causes of ingrown nails. Control how you cut your nails, cuts must be straight, no rounding, use a nail clipper or scissors. Never cut the nails too short, as it causes the nail to grow over the cuticle.

Another cause of abnormal nail growth is any fungal infection. They cause thickening and widening of the nail. This in turn leads to a painful ingrown toenail. Infections should be treated with specialized preparations for onychomycosis.

Sweating legs is also the reason why nails require special care. If your feet are sweating most of the time, the skin around the nail will be very delicate so it will make it easier for the nails to ingrown. The feet must be dry for the nails to grow properly and not to be straightened. You can use a specialized preparation that prevents their excessive sweating.

The problem of the strange shape of the nail plates mainly affects women over 40. This is primarily evidence of a decrease in the amount of hormones and with the menopausal period. The shape of such nails resembles a tube. In addition, such nails bring discomfort, not only aesthetic, everyday movement brings pain. In order to prevent this and eliminate the problem, regular visits to the podiatry clinic are necessary and initiation of nail straightening therapy by using orthonoxic clamps. It sometimes takes several months to straighten the nail plate. You should change the tension from time to time while wearing the buckle.

During the formation of “curled” nails, strong keratosis of the nail shafts most often occurs. There is also keratosis of the placenta on which the nail lies. In addition, constant pressure in one place causes corns to appear under the nail plate.

Pain and inflammation of periungual tissues is a matter for a podiatrist. Early prophylaxis is less painful for us and for our wallet. Podiatry therapy consists in the correct shortening of the nails, cleaning of keratinized layers and the application of orthonyx clamps. The treatment is supplemented with appropriate care and softening preparations for the nail plate. Adjusting the tension of the buckle during visits to the podiatrist unwinds the nail and pulls it out of the shafts.

straightening the nail plate

Straightening fingernails

The perfect shape, color and length of the nail bed are a beautiful and aesthetic sight.

The atypical form of nails may have various bases. Many factors influence the shape, surface, thickness, elasticity and color of the nail plate. The changes may be of genetic origin or caused by skin diseases and systemic diseases.

The appearance of the nails is also the result of our diet. If we eat right, our diet is rich in vitamins and minerals, the plaque will be in good shape.

One of the main causes of many changes is nail biting, which damages the nail matrix. The risk of plate deformation is also increased by frequent contact with water and detergents. Sometimes you can try to “fix” such a nail by yourself, if the nail shows mainly pain symptoms, as in the case of an ingrown toenail. It is worth soaking your hand in an antibacterial solution with the use of essential oils (before proceeding, try to soften the nails as much as possible). You can only cut the ingrown nail after soaking for a long time. Remember to perform the procedure with sterilized clamps! Afterwards, be sure to rinse the area with hydrogen peroxide and bandage your finger. However, it is best, of course, to go to a professional who will provide you with a straightening brace.

straightening the toenail

Straightening toenails

At the early stage of ingrown toenails, it is enough to apply dressings or a fleece under the edges of the nail plate. This action reduces the pressure exerted on the nail shaft and minimizes irritation. However, the first and most important stage is the localization of the ingrowth, and only then the removal of the defective fragment. After such action, you can safely start tamponing and prepare for further correction with the use of a brace.

Orthonyx clamps for ingrown nails are the most effective and gentle way to straighten the nail. Correction consists in pulling out and straightening the nail growth path. The very application of the brace is painless, and the presence of the brace is imperceptible. It is worth starting the treatment with the clamp at the very beginning, because it shortens the treatment time and allows you to avoid pain. When wearing the brace, the nail straightens and grows properly, so that when the brace is removed, the risk of recurrence of the nail is minimized.

The advantage of the clamp is the ability to check the relief of the nail shaft, adjusting it to the shape and size of the nail. There are also titanium buckles or the so-called Ada’s Cube. The latter is a method using a patented device and a special acrylic mass. With their help, the nail is pulled out of the nail shafts.

One of the most popular actions to straighten the nail is also the plasticization of the nail shafts. If, after corrective treatment of the nail and after straightening, the shafts are lofty and voluminous, there is a risk of recurrence of the disease. The surgery of the shafts is performed by a surgeon with local anesthesia.

Nail straightening procedure

The buckle is attached under the edges of the nail, in the place where it begins to grow over the edges. The ends of the wire are shaped and adjusted to the thickness of the nail plate so that they are on both sides of the finger. The hook is attached under the plate and the wire is cut accordingly. The force with which the clamp is to lift the nail up and direct it to the new growing position is set when connecting both hooks with a wire loop. The buckle is held on the nail until it grows completely on a new path. This treatment enables the correction of even very deformed nails. It is even about serious inflammation. It is best to go to the podiatry office for this purpose, thanks to which we will be sure that our nails are in good hands, and putting on the brace will bring immediate relief. 

straightening the nail plate - clamp

Straightening nail buckle

An ingrown toenail must be treated and prevented from worsening. In addition to using the staple to straighten the nail, it is necessary to use a special preparation that will cool the area of ​​ingrown nails. Such a preparation is most often in the form of a spray that relieves pain. Only then can you use the orthonox clamp on the nail, which makes the nail grow straight again and does not cause discomfort and pain. The purpose of the clamp is to prevent the cuticle from fouling the edge of the nail. Forget about using scissors, files, tweezers or scalpels. Using these nail straightening tools can only make matters worse …

If you don’t want to use the brace yourself, you can go to a clinic that specializes in foot podology. After an examination and an interview, podiatry will be carried out in the office. In the first stage, a wire orthonyx brace will be used. This buckle will move the nail so that it grows again. The buckle should last for about 5 weeks. After this time, the nail should grow sufficiently and enable the transition to the next stage of the treatment with the use of specialized and innovative devices that rebuild and shape the nails. The task of this treatment is to straighten all nails, including those on the hands. In addition, the method is used to restore the proper shape and straighten very thin nails, even in children.

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