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Phlegm in the throat – what to do?

zalegająca flegma w gardle

Phlegm in the throat – how to fight this ailment?

Each of us has felt the discomfort of phlegm in the throat at least once in our life . The appearance of this condition causes many other symptoms, such as a tickling in the throat , hoarseness , voice change , and even  breathing problems . If there is secretion in the throat in large amounts, it can also cause a severe fever . Phlegm appears most often during a runny nose, sinusitis or a cold. Sometimes it is also the result of an inappropriate lifestyle – smoking or being overweight. What are the types of phlegm ? Phlegm in the throat – how to get rid of it?

The causes of phlegm in the throat

residual phlegm in the throat - x-ray of the lungs

The secretion in the throat is produced by the mucous membranes. Its main action is to fight infections, which is helpful in colds. Phlegm is also often associated with allergies or hay fever . This ailment can happen to people with asthma or problems with the vocal cords. The feeling of lingering phlegm in the throat is very common in smokers, whose epithelium produces mucus in response to pollution. Flow sputum may also be caused by birth defects such. Curvature of the nasal septum . Sometimes phlegm appears in people with psychological problems – it is one of the somatic symptoms of the disease.

When does persistent discharge in the throat pose a health risk?

Although the phlegm in the throat is usually associated with the common cold, it can sometimes be a symptom of many serious illnesses. When the mucus is red or pink in color and you can see small amounts of blood in it, it’s time to see a specialist. The blood in the secretions usually indicates pneumonia , tuberculosis, or other serious respiratory disease . The black color of mucus  is also dangerous – it is a sign that you have been in a polluted environment for a long time. If your phlegm still has a tarry tint in spite of your setting, you probably have chronic sinusitis. The yellow or brown color of discharge is usually caused by harmful substances in cigarettes or processed foods. If the phlegm is yellow or green in color – it is caused by an infection with which our body is struggling. Appropriate treatment will stop this problem very quickly.

residual phlegm in the throat - doctor

Phlegm in a child’s throat – what will bring relief to my little one?

When it comes to the secretion in the child’s throat , it is very important to moisten the air every day. It is worth remembering that an excess of phlegm usually causes a wet cough , which is very irritating to the throat. To relieve irritated airways, give your baby plenty of fluids. Tea with honey or onion syrup will also be helpful . If your child often suffers from discharge in the throat, make an appointment with an ENT specialist – recurrent cough leads to the so-called croup. This means that the larynx and trachea are inflamed, making it very difficult to breathe. During a croup attack, it is worth taking the child out into the fresh air. You may also need to use itprofessional inhaler . If your toddler still suffers from shortness of breath, it is necessary to call an ambulance. For the youngest patients, regular nasal cleansing is very important to reduce the risk of phlegm. Recurrent discharge may be associated with other ENT problems, so it is worth monitoring the situation with your doctor.

Neurotic phlegm – who is at risk of it?

residual phlegm and expectoration

Interestingly, phlegm very often accompanies mental disorders . Developed neurosis manifests itself, inter alia, with impairment of locomotor organs , hot flushes ,  tension headaches and heartaches. It can also manifest itself as a “lump” in the throat, that is, a constant discharge that collects in the throat. Somatic symptoms may vary in severity, but in each case they hinder normal functioning. Strong, long-term stress can completely disrupt the proper functioning of our body, so at the onset of the first symptoms of neurosis, it is worth visiting a specialist who will implement the appropriate therapy.

Phlegm in the throat and… pregnancy

How to effectively fight a runny nose and phlegm if they occur during pregnancy? First of all, you shouldn’t wait for your symptoms to worsen. Especially that home remedies for this type of infection do not threaten the toddler in any way . Here are proven ways to help pregnant women get rid of their colds quickly:

  • Salt inhalations . It is enough to pour 5-6 tablespoons of salt into a bowl with hot water , then cover your head with a towel and inhale the vapors.
  • Marjoram infusion . Pour a teaspoon of herb with a glass of boiling water, and then set aside for a quarter of an hour. It is worth adding honey to herbal tea to moisturize the throat.
  • Linseed  kissel . A tablespoon a day, boiled for a minute is enough. The jelly prepared in this way tastes great with the addition of fruit juice.
  • Horseradish or onion syrup . Grated horseradish or onion should be poured with boiling water, and then with half a glass of lukewarm water. It is worth consuming 3 heaped tablespoons of the mixture daily.

Ways to deal with phlegm


In order to fully cleanse the lungs of residual secretions , it is worth reaching for natural methods. Prevention is also extremely important. Here are the methods that will help you to aid in the cleansing process of the respiratory system:

  • Irrigation and cleansing – an infusion of thyme , eucalyptus or sage is extremely helpful . We should also include large amounts of fluids in our daily diet (water with honey and lemon or tea with raspberry syrup is recommended). Due to dehydration of the body, transport through the alveoli is much smaller, which reduces the excretion of harmful metabolic products. Therefore, it is better to prevent this from happening.
  • Coughing up – this is the next stage after thinning the secretions in the lungs. It is worth using the help of another person, who will tap the upper part of your back with his hand , which will make it easier for the last clots to detach.
  • Spicy dishes . Adding spicy spices such as ginger , garlic  or chilli to your daily meals cleanses the entire respiratory system.
  • Avoiding cigarette smoke and strong chemicals . If you are often bothered by pharyngeal secretions, it is worth avoiding harmful factors that interfere with the proper functioning of the respiratory system. You will have to give up smoking.

Here is a list of products to avoid !

  • Dairy . If you suffer from recurrent pharyngeal secretions, give up dairy products
  • Animal fats . It is enough to replace the butter or lard with a much healthier olive oil. We should also give up deep-fried meals.
  • Highly processed foods  – avoid sugar or flour foods that negatively affect the digestive system and cause frequent constipation. This significantly affects the respiratory system.
  • The wheat . Light bread should be replaced with wholemeal bread.
  • Glucose-fructose syrup . We can find it in almost every sweet snack.
  • Pork meat . Of course, the point is not to give it up completely, but it is worth controlling its amount in the diet.

Drug treatment: what measures will be the best and how to strengthen the body?

In treatment, it is worth using secretolytic preparations (including plant preparations, including primrose roots, sorrel herb or lilac flower ), which effectively thin the secretion. Most of them are available over the counter. Thanks to this type of measures, it is possible to clean the mucosa and get rid of pathogenic compounds. It is worth knowing that the dense secretion in the throat is a perfect environment for the developing bacteria. Therefore, if left untreated, it can cause many serious and troublesome diseases – the sooner you react, the better for your health.

Recurrent sinusitis significantly weakens the body and makes us very susceptible to various types of infections, so it is very important to strengthen the body after the disease. Among the products recommended for the respiratory system, we find mainly fresh fruit and vegetables , as well as seeds and nuts containing natural antioxidants. It is worth avoiding carbohydrates, which increase the amount of carbon dioxide produced in the body.

We should always use treatments under the supervision of an appropriate specialist. We should not take preparations of unknown chemical composition on our own. Each organism reacts differently, so it is even more advisable to look for safe solutions. Therefore, even in the case of such seemingly trivial ailments as phlegm in the throat, we must seek appropriate help. underestimating the problem may lead to other unpleasant ailments. Therefore, it is worth reacting quickly and introducing effective solutions that will help us improve the quality of life.

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