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Turpentine – a specific that has been used in medicine


Natural substances are often a great alternative to synthetic chemicals. Turpentine is one such universal substance of natural origin. A compound derived from resins is used as an anti-parasitic agent. The natural substance already hundreds of years ago helped to heal, among others helminthiasis. In addition, it has been used for years for the elimination of bark beetles. Currently, the preparation is still popular. Especially that natural treatments for many people are a great alternative to pharmacotherapy. What ailments can turpentine help and how can it be used?

Turpentine – application of the preparation

Compounds of natural origin have many properties. That is why they are used in many areas of life. Turpentine is a substance obtained from coniferous resins with a very intense smell. It was originally used as a solvent. With time, however, it turned out that the natural preparation is capable of eliminating parasites. People who prefer natural products to synthetic ones appreciate the multitude of applications of turpentine. Which of them are the most popular? 

Turpentine for bark beetles

The bark beetle is one of the most annoying insects we can come into contact with. Small parasites can completely destroy wooden window frames, balustrades, floors and furniture. Worse still, killing pests with home remedies can take a long time, and this will be especially problematic when the creatures make a permanent home in the furniture. The use of turpentine allows you to speed up the process of their elimination. The intense smell of this substance repels the bark beetle, so getting rid of this problem is very simple. It is enough to apply turpentine combined with mothballs to places exposed to invasion. According to experts, in order to eradicate bark beetles once and for all, it is worth applying the mixture to their habitat with a syringe. Such a procedure will make the natural preparation penetrate into the wood structures while protecting them.

Unscented turpentine as a solvent

It is worth distinguishing between different varieties of turpentine, because not all types of substances have the same properties. The preparation obtained from resin by distillation is most often considered to be turpentine. However, the same name is also used for a solvent derived from petroleum. Kerosene-based turpentine does not have such a characteristic smell as balsamic turpentine. So it is called odorless. The properties of the substances are mainly used in painting and wood processing. Due to its ability to dissolve resins, lipids and other organic compounds, turpentine can be used as a diluent. The preparation, when added to the paint, changes its consistency.

However, it is worth mentioning that the solvent affects not only the density of the emulsion, but also its color. Odorless turpentine has been used for many years to clean painting tools. Thanks to it, traces of oil paint can be easily removed from brushes. It is best to use the solvent outdoors. Although it does not have an intense smell, it is extremely irritating to the respiratory system.

turpentine - composition

Turpentine for health ailments

Balsamic turpentine obtained from resin is used in natural medicine. In the past, parasitic diseases were often struggled with. Unfortunately, antiparasitic drugs were scarce and very expensive. In order to get rid of unwanted visitors, alternative treatments were sought. Thus, turpentine gained popularity. This preparation has a strong effect on the digestive system. According to the supporters of folk medicine, intensive action allows to eliminate pinworm, tapeworm or helminthiasis. Taking small amounts of turpentine produces a laxative effect.

During frequent visits to the toilet, the parasites are excreted, as well as their larvae and eggs. Pinworms and other parasitic nematodes reproduce very quickly. To get rid of them, use preparations, after which not only adult animals will be excreted, but also the so-called invasive eggs. According to experts in the field of alternative treatment methods, turpentine helps eliminate parasites and their eggs quickly and effectively. Of course, provided that it is used in the right doses.

Therapeutic turpentine – when does it work?

Not everyone wants to benefit from the advice of doctors. There are many factors involved in this condition. Advocates of alternative treatments often use herbal supplements. A preparation which, like herbs, has gained popularity in folk medicine is turpentine. The substance obtained from resins has been used in the treatment of parasitic diseases for many years. It should be added, however, that some people also use the natural specificity to eliminate the discomfort associated with diseases of the osteoarticular system.

Turpentine against parasites

In the old days, parasitic diseases affected people much more often than they are today. The main reason for disease recurrence was insufficient hygiene. Parasites are very easy to get infected. Therefore, you need to eliminate them as soon as possible. In the past, the availability of pharmaceuticals was low. To get rid of pinworms or other nematodes, you had to deal with it on your own. Turpentine was very helpful in treating pinworm. Taking a small amount of the substance along with castor oil was the best anti-parasitic therapy.

According to specialists in the field of natural medicine, turpentine guarantees high effectiveness. Due to the positive opinions about its effects, many people still decide to use it as an aid in the treatment of helminthiasis. The natural remedy is quite cheap, which further encourages you to experiment.

Turpentine for osteoarticular pain

Pain is one of the most troublesome ailments. Discomfort in the area of ​​the spine or joints hinders normal functioning. Therefore, it is worth fighting him as soon as possible. In the past, turpentine was used to eliminate painful osteoarticular diseases. The natural remedy, when applied to the skin, causes local hyperemia. This in turn stimulates the body to fight discomfort. According to specialists in the field of folk medicine, the properties of turpentine work well in the treatment of neuralgia. Some, however, also use the drug for pains caused by trauma or contusion.

Preparations based on a natural substance are often successful in eliminating ailments of unknown origin. According to experts, it is worth rubbing the skin with turpentine not only after an injury, but also after frostbite. Such a procedure can significantly speed up the treatment process.

Balsamic turpentine – how to use it?

According to many people, natural methods of treatment are a great alternative to pharmacotherapy. Patients relatively often reach for herbal dietary supplements or plant essential oils. Preparations used in folk medicine are able to eliminate even serious diseases. For natural remedies to bring satisfactory results, you need to know how to use them. Strong preparations, such as turpentine in too large amounts, can be harmful to us. Therefore, they must not be taken in high doses.

According to specialists in alternative medicine, in order to fight parasites, turpentine should be mixed with castor oil. The combination of two ingredients translates into better effects of antiparasitic therapy. Natural substances have laxative properties. For this reason, people undergoing treatment are able to get rid of not only parasites but also their eggs. Proponents of alternative treatment methods use turpentine to reduce pain resulting from bruises. On internet forums you can find opinions of people who claim that applying a natural substance to the painful areas accelerates the healing of an injury.  

Turpentine – where to buy the drug?

Although turpentine is a natural specificity, it would be difficult to obtain it yourself. To obtain a resin preparation, it would first have to be subjected to steam distillation. However, turpentine is easy to buy in the store. Many people buy it at garden centers. Substance-based specifics are also available in some pharmacies. When buying turpentine for medicinal purposes in a garden and construction store, pay attention to its composition.

Preparations offered by garden centers are often synthetic substitutes for substances. According to experts, only balsamic turpentine can be used for parasites. In addition, one of high quality. Supporters of natural methods of treatment recommend shopping in online stores. The availability of turpentine online is very high. In addition, when shopping online, it is easy to compare the quality and price of individual products.

Turpentine – the price of a natural preparation

Many people are looking for alternative treatments. For this reason, there has been a growing interest in herbal medicine and aromatherapy in recent times. According to supporters of alternative medicine, in many cases it is worth taking advantage of the properties of turpentine. The agent obtained from coniferous resins works well in eliminating pain resulting from an injury. Some people use turpentine when they get sick with helminthiasis. Especially when consulting a doctor is something embarrassing for them. How much does turpentine cost?

A pharmacy is a place where preparations based on a natural substance are quite expensive. In online stores you can often buy them much cheaper. It should be noted that the price of turpentine largely depends on its quality. Products that are 100% natural cost much more than their synthetic counterparts. People who want to use turpentine for medicinal purposes cannot be guided by the price. For security reasons, it is worth investing in a proven product that will cost a bit more.

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