24 June 2024

Clavitherapy – a proven way to health

Spine, muscle or joint pains usually begin to bother us with age. What’s worse, in many cases treating the elderly is not enough to eliminate unpleasant ailments. Especially when their causes cannot be determined. Fortunately, people aged 50+ use alternative medicine that supports the proper functioning of the body. One of the most effective methods of relieving ambiguous pain is clavitherapy. Thanks to it, patients quickly get rid of pain in the abdomen, limbs or head. The effects are often felt if the previous treatment with traditional methods did not bring satisfactory results. What exactly is the therapy and why did I choose it?

What is clavitherapy?

Clavitherapy is a form of treatment classified as alternative medicine. The therapy is based on stimulating the body to work properly by pressing on the appropriate points on the human body. For the procedures, so-called clavicles are used, which look like nails. Many people are afraid of contact with such tools, which is completely unjustified. Note that the clavicles are less sharp, so they do not hurt the skin. Clavitherapy brings results very quickly. Patients cease to feel pain and other unpleasant ailments related to improper functioning of organs after just a few treatments. Interestingly, the therapy can be carried out alone. There are many training courses that show what clavitherapy is all about. The course completed in a specialized institute allows you to understand the basic techniques of stimulating energy points. 

Clavitherapy – who should decide?

Clavitherapy is a very good method of treatment for people who struggle with various pains of unknown origin. Especially when discomfort prevents them from functioning normally during the day. Treatments performed with the use of clavicles are able to eliminate headaches and backaches, but not only. Clavitherapy helps in the treatment of flu, bacterial infections, runny nose and paresis. Pressing the right energy points helps get rid of allergies, and even dandruff and unsightly stretch marks. According to the supporters of the method, clavitherapy is able to remove the symptoms of over a thousand ailments. Some of them believe that alternative medicine can help with serious disorders of the nervous and muscular systems. A series of several treatments helps to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of reflux. Thanks to clavitherapy, you can get rid of frequent headaches, which is an ideal solution for men and women who are struggling with several ailments at the same time. In addition, treatments are a great option for elderly people who do not have the strength to constantly see a doctor.

clavitherapy - treatment

Clavitherapy – treatment effects

Importantly, from the very beginning of using clavitherapy, its effects are noticeable for the whole body. It makes heartburn and stomach pains less bothersome after just a few treatments. According to specialists in alternative medicine, it is possible to reduce the incidence of diseases such as influenza. Clavitherapy supports the proper functioning of many systems, including the digestive, nervous and immune systems. Interestingly, supporters of this procedure believe that the treatment can prevent postural defects and cardiovascular diseases. According to many of them, clavitherapy helps to get rid of joint and muscle pains, swelling and inflammation. It should be mentioned that this method also eliminates fatigue and depression. Such treatment may also have a positive effect on well-being and immunity.

Clavitherapy – energy points

Until now, I did not realize that the receptors that are located in the human body are located just below the skin layer are responsible for the operation of many organs. Interestingly, clavitherapy is based mainly on this assumption. According to the creator of the method, it is the energy points that affect the operation of our systems. Skillful pressure on the receptors allows you to stimulate organs such as the stomach to work. In addition, pressing the clavicles against the body has a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system.

Clavitherapy treatments – what are they?

Clavitherapy is one of the methods of alternative medicine treatment. Her treatments consist of applying pressure to the appropriate parts of the body with metal clavicles. Importantly, each compression should last at least a few seconds. The number of compressions depends on the patient’s condition. Often, it is enough to go for a few treatments to feel the effects. There are times when you need to do more. According to specialists in the field of clavitherapy, when the pain is extremely unbearable, the pressure should last longer. The frequency of treatments should be carefully adjusted so that its effects are felt as expected. Undergoing clavitherapy eliminates not only unpleasant symptoms of diseases, but also their cause. Therefore, undergoing a series of treatments may eliminate the annoying ailment. However, it is worth remembering

Clavitherapy – exercises enhancing the effects

Specialists believe that it is important to perform exercises during clavitherapy that will support its operation. Gymnastics helps you regain inner homeostasis and peace. Therefore, under the influence of regular training, all organs can begin to function properly. After just a few training sessions, you can notice a huge improvement in your health. Exercise in conjunction with clavicle presses can heal gastric problems. Thanks to them, it is possible to reduce nervous tension even in elderly patients. Interestingly, supporters of clavitherapy believe that exercise can also prevent postural defects and other diseases of the osteoarticular system. Many people also say that gymnastics is the perfect complement to therapy in the case of diseases of the nervous system.

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Clalwitherapy – opinions

More and more people who struggle with severe ailments of various causes decide to use solutions such as clavitherapy. Undoubtedly, the increase in interest in this option is influenced by the positive opinions that can be found on internet forums. Due to the growing interest, there are new offices dedicated to such therapies. Many specialists with appropriate competences work there. If we make the right choice, we won’t have to worry about our safety.

Clavitherapy – the price of the treatment

Depending on whether we choose treatments performed by a professional or an amateur, their price may fluctuate within several hundred zlotys. Of course, the cost of the total treatment depends on the number of sessions. Specialists, in most cases, recommend from a few to a dozen or so treatments. However, their number depends on the type of ailments and the individual predispositions of the patient. People who want to perform the treatments on their own should opt for the course. Only then can they be sure that they are putting pressure on the body in the right place. To start clavitherapy it is also necessary to purchase clavicles. Their price is about PLN 500. In order for the therapy to bring satisfactory results, all procedures should be performed based on the knowledge of human anatomy. Persons, who have not participated in any course should not put pressure on the body on their own. Nevertheless, one should be guided by the skill factor of specialists. Price is a separate issue because sometimes it is worth investing more in improving the quality of life. 

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