23 June 2024

Birch sap – what are its healing properties?

sok z brzozy

We have less and less confidence in all supplements and products based mainly on artificially obtained ingredients. But more often we try to reach for natural products , return to applications used before the creation of thousands of pharmaceutical concerns. One of the returning favors of natural products with unique properties is birch sap .
Birch sap, also known as elderberry or whelk, is a folk healing elixir with an alleged anti-cancer effect. It is believed that it also helps with rheumatic pains, urinary tract ailments and strengthens the body’s immunity. However, it is more and more often recognized as an effective weight loss aid.

Collection and storage of birch sap

birch sap

Of course, birch sap is available in pharmacies and larger supermarkets and there is no need to prepare it yourself. However, it is worth knowing how to obtain it. When preparing the juice ourselves, we will make sure that the syrup is 100% natural.

Birch sap is best obtained in the spring, from trees with thick branches that are several years old. In order to drop the juice from the stump, you need to drill a small hole in it, into which the tube is inserted. Before doing so, however, it should be checked whether the tree is suitable for sap. For this, it is enough to puncture the bark. If a droplet appears, it means that sap can be dropped from the tree. The process during which the tree sap flows into a vessel placed there may take up to 2 days. You should also remember to secure the hole in the trunk to prevent damage to the bark.

Lard can be stored in a refrigerator, in a glass bottle, for up to 4 days. If we want to extend this period, it can be preserved by adding a little spirit.

Birch sap – properties

birch sap - properties

In summer and autumn, trees take up a large amount of nutrients from the soil. In winter, they are stored in the tree’s roots, and in spring, when they are required for tree growth, they are transferred to the trunk and branches. This is why the season for obtaining birch sap lasts only in March and April.

All the elements that have been stored in the roots in order to nourish the tree and enable its growth are contained in the juice obtained from it. Oskoła contains many valuable ingredients, which include: vitamin C, antioxidant flavonoids, tannins and calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and B vitamins. It is thanks to this wealth of minerals and nutrients that birch sap has healing properties and owes them the name of the elixir of health.

Healing effect of birch sap

action of birch sap

Oskoła has found many different applications and works well as a support for the entire human body.
Eating elderberry helps with urinary tract and kidney ailments, especially in kidney stones. With its help, it is easier to rinse out the deposits blocking the urinary tract and thanks to it prevents the formation of kidney stones.

The great property of birch sap is its beneficial effect on the body’s immunity. The high content of vitamin C and other elements prevents colds and flu. It also supports cleansing the liver and improves its functioning.

Birch sap can also be a good remedy for anemia. The potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium contained in them will help to supplement the level of minerals in the blood. It is also believed in the anti-cancer effect of bilberry. However, no studies have been conducted in this direction. Despite the lack of scientific confirmation, there are many supporters of the use of natural products for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Birch sap as a natural isotonic drink

medical visit

Lilac is more and more often referred to as diet coconut water. Like this drink of exotic origin, it contains many valuable minerals that perfectly strengthen the body. Perfectly hydrates and allows you to stimulate large amounts of energy. Slightly sweet taste of arka and its strong irrigating properties mean that in the season, we use it more willingly than ordinary water. It is also a slightly more attractive choice than the popular coconut water. Compared to it, it has much less carbohydrates and sugar, thanks to which it has almost five times less calories. It is worth taking advantage of such valuable properties and drinking birch water after training in order to replenish electrolytes and strengthen the body. More than one athlete will be pleased with this choice. It will also work great during the disease,

Eating birch sap

So far, the dosage of birch sap has not been determined. You can drink it simply as a regular drink, although its price in Poland is still quite high. If we want to use it as a medical elixir for our ailments, it is worth using a 15-20 day treatment. During such treatment, you should drink 1/4 cup of elderberry 4 times a day.

Birch juice should be eaten cold. When it is heated, some of its precious ingredients are destroyed. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that it does not lose its healing properties. You should also remember to avoid certain food ingredients when using the napkin. You should not consume: alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate, sorrel and spinach.

Birch juice has a neutral, slightly sweet taste. A very easy way to improve it is to add lemon, cranberry or raspberry juice to it. You can also prepare a delicious lemonade on its basis.

Birch sap for weight loss

slimming - belly

In addition to a wide range of medical applications, birch sap can prove to be a good support in the weight loss process. First of all, thanks to the zinc content, it will allow you to burn calories faster. It is this ingredient that has the greatest impact on our metabolism. Accelerating the metabolism with the use of zinc contained in the elderberry, in combination with a properly balanced diet and regular training will significantly improve and accelerate the effects of weight loss.

An additional advantage of the school is its hydrating and strengthening properties. This is of great importance for physically active people. It not only stimulates and adds energy, but also allows you to replenish important micronutrients after training. Maintaining an adequate level of hydration helps to avoid the effect of water retention in the body. Thanks to this, you can quickly notice positive effects and a decrease in kilograms. What’s more, elderberry will help remove residual toxins from the body, which definitely hinder the weight loss process. It will keep your body healthy and strong.

Supporting the body in the weight loss process

Birch sap can increase the effectiveness of weight loss by accelerating metabolism, but above all, it perfectly strengthens and supports the body in the process of weight loss. Losing weight is associated with physical activity, for which the functioning of the locomotor system is important. Thanks to the elderberry, which has an anti-inflammatory effect and strengthens the bones, your workouts will be much safer. The action of the school will alleviate the negative effects of intense training.

The influence of birch sap on immunity is also important. In the process of losing weight, especially too fast and too intense, the body is often significantly weakened, which makes it easier to get sick. Thanks to the use of the school, it will be possible to additionally strengthen and protect the body. It is these additional healing properties that make birch sap a good solution for slimming .


Birch sap is a natural product with many valuable properties. It is a low-calorie drink, a great isotonic drink, which is worth reaching for during and after training. The zinc content in the bronchus allows you to accelerate metabolism and thus enhance the weight loss effect. However, it should be remembered that there is no one miracle product that will magically change our appearance. However, it is worth using the gifts of nature and supporting your body in the daily fight against kilograms.

Lilac is known as a folk medical elixir, but it can have a different effect on each person. It is always worth consulting a doctor and consulting its use. It should also be remembered that birch sap should not be mixed with some food ingredients. In the process of losing weight, you must always be guided by your health and safety.

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