19 April 2024

Home remedies for cystitis

domowe sposoby na zapalenie pęcherza

Cystitis is quite an unpleasant and troublesome disease. It happens much more often to women than to men, but it does not mean that the male part of society can feel completely safe. The susceptibility of women to this infection is related to their anatomical structure, and more precisely, to the structure of the urethra, which is much shorter than that of men. Therefore, the possible entry of bacteria, viruses and fungi is a great threat. It is worth adding here, however, that cystitis is not such a serious condition.

Characteristic for her is frequent recurrence and the inconvenience of pain and the need to use the toilet frequently. Home remedies for cystitis may turn out to be useful in solving the described problem, and they do not have to require commitment and large financial outlays. You can find some useful solutions below. It should also be noted that in the event of this disease, a medical consultation is extremely important. Therefore, one cannot afford to play down this ailment in any way.

Home remedies for cystitis

A visit to the doctor is so important because he will help you perform the necessary tests and, based on their results, to exclude the possibility of much more serious diseases that could be characterized by similar symptoms.

The cause of inflammation in this area is the nesting of bacteria on the bladder wall. Bacteria may come from different origins, but the most common infection is through coliform bacteria (Escherichia coli). It is not uncommon for cystitis to occur along with various vaginal and vulvar infections. According to research, almost 80% of cases of cystitis are caused by sexual activity.

Before we move on to home remedies for cystitis , it is important to mention the symptoms of this ailment. The most characteristic of them is a slight burning sensation when urinating, but also the need to go to the toilet frequently. Further signs will be urination in small doses, despite a clear feeling of pressure on the bladder, and in the later stage severe pain (burning) in the urethra during and after urination. There is also an extensive list of tips on how to protect yourself from cystitis.

home remedies for cystitis

What about cystitis – home remedies

If we want to protect ourselves from this unpleasant infection, we need to remember a few rules. One of the most important and simplest ones is to simply drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. This will help reduce the risk of bacteria build-up. Urination must not be stopped, because the accumulated microorganisms then have very good conditions for reproduction. Hygiene is also extremely important – a good choice will be to wash your intimate areas twice a day (from front to back, which will prevent the entry of bacteria).

What to use for cystitis in terms of home remedies ? The first is cranberry. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents the growth of bacteria. It is worth using the one that is available in the form of juice (drinking 2-3 glasses a day will definitely help).

Another suggestion is to use warming baths or chamomile and sage infusions. Nevertheless, it is advisable to refrain from salt and foam additives as they irritate the urethral area. The mixture in the form of parsley or horsetail infusion helps to fight bladder spasms and is antibacterial.

Home remedies for cystitis in pregnancy

In this particular period, even more attention should be paid to health aspects, as they concern not only the mother, but also the child. After the gynecologist performs the tests, he may order cranberry therapy, but sometimes there is a need to strengthen it with the use of an antibiotic.

Fortunately, today there are many antibiotics that are not harmful in the first stages of pregnancy. It is worth remembering that the cold intensifies the growth of bacteria, therefore, care should be taken not to let the places susceptible to the disease cool down.

Other home remedies for cystitis in pregnancy include using linseed oil in dishes such as salads or simply on vegetables. Its action protects the mucous membranes, making the development of bacteria in them very difficult. It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

One obvious method that is of paramount importance is to maintain a high level of intimate hygiene. In the period of cystitis during pregnancy (but not only during this time), bathing is used twice a day, using mild soap.

Home remedies for cystitis in a child

As mentioned at the beginning, women are at increased risk of developing cystitis. However, children can also be susceptible to it. In such a situation, you can easily apply the same solutions as in the above-described cases.

A very mild, and at the same time a good home remedy for this ailment is a bath with pine needles. It can be prepared as follows: picked pine needles (about half a kilogram) are poured over with boiling water until they are completely covered by it. This infusion should be left for several minutes to soften the needles. Then pour the infusion into the bathtub.

If this home remedy for cystitis in a child turns out to be uncomfortable for him, pine needles can be thrown into a cloth bag to prevent contact with the skin. Another way for a child to get cystitis is to use hot water bottles. They should be placed around the perineum and the lower back. This will not cool the sensitive bladder area.

home remedies for cystitis - treatment

Home remedies for cystitis – forum

In many places on the Internet, and especially on thematic forums devoted to health, you can find a lot of information on sub-topics related to this disease. Are all of them real and useful? Certainly not, so you should read other sources before opening any forum on home remedies for cystitis .

In some cases, a medical consultation may be unavoidable, as improperly treated cystitis may turn out to be dangerous to your health. In addition, the symptoms that may be associated with cystitis may not necessarily mean that this is what we are dealing with now. Thanks to people who actively use health forums, you can get opinions and contacts with doctors who can help in the fight against cystitis. Therefore, a visit to such a forum can certainly prove valuable in this account.

Cystitis – summary

Cystitis is not a dangerous condition, but it must not be underestimated. The above-mentioned suggestions and ideas for preventing the disease with home remedies may not be sufficient. Therefore, they should be treated only as a hint, and not as a way to solve the problem, although each of them works successfully and is highly effective.

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