26 June 2024

Reflexology – what is it? Where is it coming from?


Reflexology is a method well known in the Far East, the Chinese used its benefits five thousand years ago. After all, it is not the only method of applying pressure or some object to the body to heal it. Other more or less known methods are acupressure (involving touching highly innervated places) and acupuncture (sticking needles into the right points). Unfortunately, in many circles, reflexology, i.e. massaging and applying pressure to various places (points on the body), also known as zonal therapy, is not considered an effective method.

Nevertheless, anyone who is not entirely convinced of its effectiveness should be familiar with some facts. It is also worth adding here that in Poland since 2005, reflexology has been recognized as a profession. More and more people decide to take part in this innovative method. Especially if we take into account the fact that the opinions about each visit to a professional office are positive.

To sum up, it is a branch of science dealing with sending stimuli throughout the body through skillfully performed pressure on a specific point, called in some sources a reflex.

facial reflexology

Does reflexology help?

You can find a lot of opinions and studies on the Internet about the effectiveness of reflexology. Certainly, most people who use this therapy admit that it contributes to the overall regeneration of the body. In the best cases, the patient is able to get rid of the ailment. However, at this point it is worth remembering that each organism works in an individual way. Of course, there are many common areas and principles of operation, but there are areas in which organisms work and react differently. There are many reasons that properly and regularly performed reflexology significantly contributes not only to the improvement of physical but also mental health. It makes a person regain their mental balance, which translates into reducing tension.

Such elements make stressful situations easier to handle. This type of therapy also increases energy, so it often turns out to be an ideal solution for people who have problems with emotions. Reflexology – does it help ? You should undoubtedly find out about this for yourself, because each body is different and how we react to this type of therapy depends entirely on us.

foot reflexology

One of the most popular types, i.e. face reflexology

It is, in a way, a branch of classical reflexology. Its precursor is considered to be a physician from Vietnam, who in the 1980s, that is quite recently, developed reflexology maps of the face. There are many schools and methods for doing it. Doctor Yamamoto from Japan also contributed to the development of this area of ​​reflexology. Information about it traveled all over the world, causing it to grow and expand.

Doing facial reflexology can be a bit more complicated as you need to be able to “read the face”. It is related to the motor-sensory representation of the face in the brain. It can also be performed with special, designed for this activity – tools. Interestingly, this branch of reflexology is a great solution that is used immediately after surgical procedures in the field of aesthetics and dermatology. It is a kind of post-surgery therapy that helps you regain your appearance after surgery. An important fact about this part of reflexology is that it is divided into different steps according to the duration of its application. Some effects are noticed immediately, others only take a long time.

reflexology feedback

Dien Chan facial reflexology

This is one of the types of facial reflexology. It has a special place in this article due to its simplicity and, at the same time, high efficiency. It is a method developed by the aforementioned Vietnamese physician, which may seem a bit controversial at first. However, if this topic is already discussed, it is worth describing it in such a way that it provides as many answers as possible to the questions that may arise. Dien Chan is the original method of Bui Quoc Chau, so it is based on conclusions that he puts forward.

The effectiveness of Dien Chan’s facial reflexology has not been confirmed by any clinical studies. Despite this fact, she has many followers. The presented Dien Chan massage methods are very affordable, which means that the interest in them is growing all the time. As for the details and methods, you can find a lot about them in the tutorial videos. They can be found on the Internet absolutely free of charge. Of course, it is not recommended to perform Dien Chan facial reflexology without proper preparation. For this reason, we recommend that you go to a specialist who will carry out this treatment for us.

hand reflexology

Reflexology – how to massage to achieve the best results?

Detailed information on techniques and methods can be found in books and on organized reflexology courses. It is impossible to provide an instruction on massage techniques at this point. On the topic of reflexology courses , you will be able to learn more in the paragraph below. There, we will describe the most important elements and steps that will allow you to learn the basics of reflexology – including the duration, cost and, of course, the type of treatment performed.

Some very basic tips that can help you with some aches and pains can be found on the websites. They describe in an easy-to-understand way, step-by-step, how to oppress and for how long a place should be in order to achieve the desired result. As described earlier, it is not a complicated activity, but it does require practice. And the tips given by the professionals will certainly help to improve the technique (which is crucial in the case of more severe pains).

Reflexology course , i.e. skills development.

These types of courses are organized by many academies and schools around the world. There are a lot of institutions in Poland that will help you choose the appropriate training to your needs and possibilities. Such courses, depending on many factors (organizer, duration, type of classes, level of advancement) may last from 7 hours to 3 days. Their cost ranges from 1,500 to even 15,000.

A person who can boast of a completed course will certainly have the appropriate knowledge and skills to know how to massage and use reflexology . If someone decides to take such a course, it is worth considering the choice of a school that has a good reputation among its students and has a good reputation. Reflexology courses are quite demanding because you need to master knowledge of different areas during their duration. Most of these training programs are based on reflexology:

  • Stop
  • Head and face
  • Ear
  • Craniosacral

Good academies allow you to get professional certificates recognized abroad.

Hand reflexology

Another reflexology, which is easy to learn and master, is hand reflexology. This is due to, among other things, the enormous amount of materials that can be found in many sources. The number of guides on this subject is growing on the market. What’s more, videos found on various websites can be another great source. Hand reflexology , like the one concerning the feet, is based on the so-called a map that precisely defines which place is responsible for a specific organ, and more precisely for the innervation.

As mentioned above, these points are called reflexes. Opinions on hand reflexology repeatedly indicate the similarity of this technique with other methods lying in this area. Therefore, it can be safely said that it is a kind of extension in this area, which is undoubtedly worth being interested in if you want to expand your holistic knowledge on a given topic. All reflexology can be used by both young and old people, regardless of gender. However, it is worth ensuring that it is performed by professionally prepared people with prolonged and frequent use.

Opinions on reflexology

Generally speaking, it is a way to remove pain, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by many independent people and institutions. There is no doubt about that. Although the effectiveness of several branches of reflexology has not been clinically proven, there is no reason to have any concerns about this method. You only need to pay attention to the advisability of this type of therapy.

If the pain in a given area turns out to be severe, it is worth paying special attention to it, as it may be a sign of some negative change in the body. Removing the signal in such an event (i.e. pain) may prove to be detrimental to human health in the long run, for obvious reasons. However, when it comes to relieving pain that comes from other sources, reflexology can be beneficial. As for contraindications, there are actually no other contraindications apart from the ones listed above. Many sources indicate that a person may feel sleepier or experience intense sweating after several sessions. However, this is a sign that the body is undergoing a purification.

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