13 April 2024

Cigarettes and potency problems

papierosy a potencja

Potency problems are one of those issues that are not often raised by men for a simple reason – shame. Unfortunately, many of them suffer from sexual disabilities. In some cases, it is caused by a more serious illness, an indisposition resulting from complications from disease or simply by age. It sometimes happens that cigarettes are the main reason for potency problems. Are you wondering what is the relationship between cigarettes and potency problems? The following article will take into account laboratory and scientific information that will answer the question of why smoking affects men’s erection.

Smoking and sexual performance

What is the link between cigarette smoking and sexual performance? Many people wonder why cigarettes can have a negative effect on male potency. This problem mainly affects young men in the 30-49 age range, because they are the first to experience the effects of smoking. Smoking cigarettes affects our sexual performance in an indirect way. Smoking very often leads to damage to the blood vessels, which is very important for a proper erection. In order to better understand the influence of cigarettes on smoking, you should first of all pay attention to the changes that smoking introduces to our body.

In each case, these changes are negative and not only affect the potency, but also reduce the quality of life and lead to the appearance of other abnormalities that may later result in serious diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer. It should also be remembered that cigarette smoke is also responsible for the reduction of testosterone and growth hormone levels, which means that the level of libido also changes.

cigarettes and alcohol and potency problems

The reasons for the reduction of potency by cigarettes

The main reason why male smokers at a young age develop impotence is that the blood pressure in the blood vessels is too low. The components of tobacco smoke damage the vascular endothelium, which is responsible for providing the right amount of nitric oxide. This compound, on the other hand, widens the blood vessels during erection. However, it should be remembered that damage to the endothelium occurs after a longer period of smoking, sometimes only when atherosclerotic changes are visible.

How to get rid of the problem of impotence?

There are many ways to improve potency, especially if we are young and our addiction has not lasted for years. The first and, of course, the most important way to improve our situation will be to quit smoking. In addition, we should also limit alcohol consumption and stick to the diet along with a responsibly designed training plan.

Quitting smoking and an erection

Can quitting cigarette smoking repair the damage it has caused? If we decided to stop the addiction at the right time, there is a good chance that we will be able to restore the proper erection without the need for treatment. This is possible only if the vascular endothelium, which we mentioned above, is not damaged and is functioning properly and supplies the right amount of nitric oxide, and thus the blood pressure in the blood vessels will maintain the recommended, appropriate level. Only when our health improves will we be able to notice an improvement in potency. Then we will realize why the relationship between quitting smoking and erection was so important.

cigarettes and potency problems

What else to do to return to full sexual performance?

Create a diet – improper nutrition can delay recovery, especially if our daily menu includes a very large amount of simple sugars, salt or alcohol. We must also not forget that poor-quality margarine or cream cakes containing unhealthy fatty acids can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol, the development of diabetes, obesity and other ailments that result in erectile dysfunction. Therefore, to make sure that quitting smoking will prove to be an effective way to restore the proper erection, you should supplement our menu with seafood, fish, lean meat, pumpkin seeds, bran, nuts and brown rice.

Use aphrodisiacs – In addition to a proper diet, a good solution to stimulate our drive will be the use of aphrodisiacs. We do not mean essential oils or other aromas, but natural aphrodisiacs in the form of food. A very important element in the diet that improves potency is zinc, so eating foods such as shrimp, lobster or, of course, oysters will be a great solution.

Give up alcohol – consuming too much alcohol has a disastrous effect on our sexual performance as well as cigarettes. Just like the nicotine addiction, alcohol interferes with the cardiovascular system and overloads the liver, which plays a very important role in the metabolism of the hormone responsible for sex drive, potency, and testosterone production.

Playing sports – physical activity is another addition that will definitely improve our potency and help us get rid of sexual failure. Of course, it is only about adding physical activity to our day – even if it is just a half-hour walk. They will play an extremely important role in your recovery.

How long after quitting smoking does the potency come back?

If you are wondering how long after quitting smoking potency returns, we have good news and bad news for you. The good thing is that depending on how long the addiction lasted and how much damage it caused to our body, the return to normal potency and full erection may take place within a month. Of course, people who only complain about subtle problems can count on such a quick improvement. Unfortunately, the situation is analogous to people who have “cultivated” the addiction of smoking for a very long time. Then even quitting smoking will not guarantee full recovery of potency if the addiction has caused permanent damage to health. In such cases, the best solution is to consult a doctor who will tell us what to do next.

Other tips?

Are you wondering what else to do to improve your potency? Besides giving up cigarettes, there are many other ways to improve your erection. You can find a lot of information about the relationship between smoking and potency on the forum. It is on internet forums that we will learn about numerous methods that will help us solve this problem. Therefore, if you are considering smoking and potency, a forum with people who have had the same issue in the past will be the best place to get additional information.

Summary – Serious consequences of cigarettes related to potency

Smoking cigarettes significantly lowers the standard of living of any person who has been absorbed by this addiction even for a long time. It causes many problems that can sometimes haunt us throughout our lives. One of them is impotence. Of course, young men can regain their sexual function if there is no serious damage to the circulatory system. However, it is worthwhile, in addition to quitting the addiction, to be interested in other ways to improve our condition in order to return to full bed fitness as soon as possible.

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