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Diet according to blood type – essence, tips, opinions

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A balanced menu is necessary to keep the body in balance. What many people don’t realize is that diet not only helps you lose weight, but also has a huge impact on organ function. A large group of dietitians believe that the menu must be strictly related to the blood group. According to them, a blood type diet tailored to individual needs reduces the risk of developing the disease. So what should people with blood type A eat, and what should people with blood type B eat?

Blood group and diet – table of contraindicated products

According to many people, the eaten meals should follow the principles of a diet adapted to the blood type . Correctly composing meals allows you to maintain a healthy weight. In addition, a menu tailored to the body’s needs reduces the risk of serious diseases. What fruits and vegetables should be eliminated from the diet of a person with blood group A and what should not be included in the diet for blood type B? The table of non-recommended products below will dispel all doubts.

blood groupFruit and vegetables not recommendedAnimal products not recommendedOther contraindicated products
ANDtomato, pepper, mango, mandarin, banana, and olivespoultry (e.g. goose), fish such as herring, eel, halibut, tuna, high-fat cheesesgelatin, wheat flour, vinegar, pumpernickel bread
Blentils, olives, avocado, corn, pumpkin, tomato, radish, rhubarbpoultry (especially chicken), fish (e.g. eel), cheese (gouda, edam)sesame, hazelnuts, pistachios, cashews, wheat flour, rye flour
ABpepper, avocado, pumpkin, banana, pear, corngoose, chicken meat, pork bacon, beef, smoked salmon, marinated herring, butter, long-ripening cheese (e.g. camembert), milk 3.2%, halibutvinegar, hazelnuts, poppy seeds, buckwheat, products containing wheat
0corn, beans, lentils, cauliflower, rhubarb, avocado, orange, strawberries, mandarin, Brussels sprouts, melondairy products, e.g. kefir, sweetened yoghurts, ice creammushrooms, wheat flour, peanuts, pistachios

Diet – blood group A.

diet and blood type

Women and men with blood group A must take care of the proper functioning of the immune system. Therefore, they should eat large amounts of fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, people with blood type A are prone to colds and bacterial infections. Therefore, changing the menu in their case is especially important. The basic principle of a blood group A diet is to limit meat consumption. Especially poultry and hard-to-digest pork. Nevertheless, they should not be completely eliminated as meat is a rich source of iron necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

Products indicated

The diet of people with blood type A must be rich in products of plant origin. A healthy and tasty breakfastThere are rye bread sandwiches with salmon, lettuce and onions. Rice cakes, sliced ​​carrots with yoghurt dip, and plums are suitable for lunch to work. When cooking dinner, remember that it must contain products that will provide the body with a lot of energy. A good solution for the main course will be cooked porridge with vegetables and fish. The perfect dinner accompaniment is broccoli, carrots and kohlrabi. Afternoon tea for people with blood group A can be oatmeal with cherries and plums and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Such a composition will provide a lot of vitamins and nutrients to support the proper functioning of the immune system. The last meal of the day should not be caloric. When preparing dinner, it is worth reaching for spelled bread, as well as olive oil and vegetables.

Diet – blood group B

slimming and blood type

Most people with blood type B do not have any major problems with immunity . Nevertheless, some men and women are prone to diseases of the nervous system. In order to prevent the disease, it is worth adjusting the diet to the blood type. The basis of a proper menu is meat and dairy products. Nevertheless, you should eat a large amount of vegetables, excluding tomatoes and its preserves. It is also worth reaching for herbal teas, which are the best alternative to carbonated drinks.

Products indicated

According to specialists, people with blood type B should eat a lot of meat. Especially lamb, lamb and venison, which contain a lot of valuable ingredients. Considering that breakfasts should be simple and quick, a fruit salad is a good option for the first meal of the day. For its preparation, it is worth using egotic fruits such as pineapples, bananas or papaya. The second breakfast can be crisp bread with cottage cheese, pepper and lettuce. Sandwiches with rocket, lamb’s lettuce and chicory will be especially delicious. Women and men with blood type B for dinner have to eat a large dose of meat that will provide the body with the right amount of protein. Lamb casserole with carrots and parsley will be the perfect choice. It is best to prepare it in a pressure cooker so that the vegetables do not lose too much vitamins. You can eat potatoes with the dish, but rice is also good. Afternoon tea is the right time to eat yoghurt with fruit or vegetables with garlic sauce. For dinner, it is worth eating salads, which are a source of carbohydrates and proteins necessary for the functioning of the entire body. It is good to add fish such as salmon or mackerel to them, as well as green beans and various types of lettuce.

Diet blood group AB

People with AB blood group are prone to cardiovascular diseases. In extreme cases, problems with normal blood pressure can even trigger a life-threatening heart attack or stroke. Moreover, it has been proven that women and men with AB blood group are much more exposed to oncological diseases than people with other groups. No wonder that for the sake of health, many people decide to change their menu. Interestingly, blood group AB is derived from the previously formed groups: A and B.

Products indicated

losing unnecessary kilograms and blood type

Women and men with AB blood type , who would like to change their eating habits, should use dairy products more often.Why? Dairy products have a positive effect on the production of insulin. For the first breakfast, choose kefir or natural yoghurt with fruit. It will be a great idea to add plums or grapes to the cottage cheese. The dinner dish must consist of a large amount of carbohydrates and protein. People with AB blood group can prepare steamed trout with rice, parsley and cauliflower. Fish as well as vegetables provide plenty of nutrients. Moreover, they stimulate the metabolism. For afternoon tea, a good solution is to eat multigrain granola with walnuts, grapes and pineapple. Such a meal will provide the body with a lot of fiber, which regulates the intestines and supports digestion. The last meal should not be greasy. A tasty and healthy dinner will be a salad with tomatoes, celery,

Diet according to blood type 0

blood - group 0

Unfortunately, people with blood group 0 tend to gain too much weight. Most often it is caused by a hormonal imbalance. In order to support the functioning of the body in this case, you should eat large amounts of iodine-rich foods. Therefore, women and men with blood group 0 have to reach for fish and seafood as often as possible, which contain a huge amount of valuable micro- and macroelements. Moreover, the menu of such people should be based on animal products.

Products indicated

The most important part of the diet of a person with blood group 0 are various types of meat such as beef, lamb and veal. Even so, it is very important to eat plenty of fiber-rich vegetables. Why? Dietary fiber stimulates digestion, thanks to which people who are overweight can lose a few unnecessary kilograms. A blood type 0 breakfast should consist of a large amount of vegetables combined with red meat. For the first meal of the day, a rye bread sandwich with a slice of ripening ham and spinach will definitely be a good option. When preparing dinner, it is worth using sea salt, which is a valuable source of iodine. The perfect main course for people with blood group 0 is a beef steak served with a salad of beetroot, onion, kale and walnuts. Due to the tendency to gain weight, it is worth composing dinner in such a way that so that it does not contain a lot of calories. The first-class choice will be seafood with figs and a light sauce with parsley.

Diet according to blood type – opinions

Both the diet for blood group A, B or 0 is a balanced menu that requires numerous sacrifices. Even so, many people choose to change their unhealthy eating habits. Most men and women who follow a blood type diet confirm that it has a very good effect on them. On internet forums you can find opinions that confirm that as a result of adjusting the meals eaten to the body’s needs, immunity and well-being increase. Therefore, a blood type diet is recommended for people who have problems with constant infections. Lots of forum users write that the elimination of some products from the menu allowed them to return to the correct weight. No wonder, balanced nutrition supports metabolism and other important processes in the body. Moreover, many people believe that

Such positive opinions on the consumption of meals consistent with the body’s needs mean that more and more women and men decide to change their menu. Definitely, people struggling with malaise and excess kilograms should think about changing their diet. Nevertheless, the final decision is best made after consulting a dietitian.

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