24 June 2024

The hCG diet, or how to regain a beautiful figure?

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A shapely silhouette gives you self-confidence. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy it. Excess kilos is a big problem. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. Overweight people should go on a diet. A properly composed menu is the key to a beautiful figure. Recently, the hCG diet has become more and more popular. What are the effects of using it and what else is worth knowing about it?

The hCG diet – what is it?

To lose a few pounds, you need to get rid of unhealthy eating habits. Changing your diet is the best way to lose weight for people who do not like to play sports. The hCG diet can help you lose weight. 2019 is to surprise us with warm summer and autumn. In order for us to enjoy a shapely figure during the holidays, we should start losing weight as soon as possible. The hCG diet is all about limiting the amount of calories you eat. When using it, you need to reach for supplements that provide the body with the necessary nutrients. The diet should be followed for 3 weeks. In order to maintain the effects of weight loss, you must follow the rules of stabilization immediately after the end of the main phase of the treatment.

HCG diet – 500 calories and supplements

Overweight is often a consequence of consuming too much sugar and fat. People who eat high-calorie meals on a daily basis without practicing sports are at risk of deteriorating not only their appearance, but also their health. The hCG diet is all about limiting the amount of calories you eat. Mainly by eliminating fatty meats, sweets and alcohol from the menu. People on a diet must not consume more than 500 calories a day. It’s very little. However, in order to force your body to burn stored fat, it is necessary. Low-calorie meals are not always filling. In order for people using the diet not to feel hungry, they must reach for supplements during the slimming treatment. Specialized drops of hCG Activator and hCG Stabilizator affect the functioning of the endocrine system. However, it should be mentioned

HCG diet – rules

It is very easy to gain weight, but unfortunately it is much more difficult to lose weight. Losing weight is a process full of sacrifices. Fortunately, it can be made easier. The hCG diet is a solution for people who want to lose weight quickly and effectively. A properly composed menu allows you to lose even a few kilos in a month without feeling hungry. How to achieve this effect? Below are some of the most important rules of the diet.

  • The meals consumed during the day must not exceed 500 calories in total.
  • While losing weight, you should take hCG drops (Activator and Stabilizer).
  • For the effects of the treatment to be satisfactory, you must not consume sugar, fat or alcohol under any circumstances.
  • Meat eaten during the diet must be fat-free. Before preparing it, cut off any residual fat and skin.
  • When losing weight, you must not give up protein. A deficiency of a valuable ingredient leads to the retention of water in the body.
  • Vegetables are best eaten raw or cooked. The canned food is not allowed.
  • To lose weight, you should give up eating legumes.
  • You can eat fruit while on the hCG diet, but never after dinner. It is best to reach for apples, strawberries or citrus, because these contain a lot of water.
  •  To prevent dehydration, you should drink at least 2 liters of mineral water a day while losing weight.
  • The basis of the hCG diet are healthy products, i.e. those that do not contain flavor enhancers or preservatives.

HCG diet – effects of use

Using a low-calorie diet is the best way to get your dream figure in a short time. Especially if we don’t like to play sports and don’t want to improve our appearance with a scalpel. By following the hCG diet, you can lose 8-10% of your body weight. The final effects of the treatment depend on whether we followed all its rules while losing weight. Of course, if one day we eat a few dozen calories too much, it should not significantly affect the final results of weight loss. Nevertheless, regularly breaking the rules of the diet can make this diet ineffective at all. People who are meticulous can expect weight loss as well as an overall improvement in appearance. The hCG diet excludes highly processed products. During its use, the body is cleansed. The so-called detox has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin. Thanks to it, women can get rid of cellulite.

hcg diet - what is it

HCG diet – application phases

It has long been known that losing weight should not be too intense. Rapid weight loss almost always results in a yo-yo effect. In order to lose weight and not gain weight, you need to go through several phases of losing weight. For this reason, the hCG diet has been divided into several stages.


Losing weight should always start with detoxification. Cleansing the body of toxic substances allows you to prepare it for weight loss. Before starting the proper phase of the hCG diet, it is necessary to prepare the intestines, kidneys and liver for increased work. For this, we need to cleanse ourselves with fiber and plenty of fluids. To support the work of the intestines, it is also worth reaching for dairy products or prebiotics in capsules.

The so-called feast of flavors

In order not to suffer from hunger while losing weight, you should recharge yourself before the proper phase of the diet. This means that for two days we have to eat 3-4 thousand calories a day. The so-called feast of flavors should be based on fatty and high-calorie products. During the days we undergo it, we should also use hCG Activator drops.

HCG diet – phase 3

After the feast of flavors, it is time for the right phase of the diet. It is during it that weight loss occurs. The central phase of the hCG diet is based on a few principles that we mentioned earlier. During its duration, you should take dietary supplements and drops of hCG Activator (12 drops 3 times a day). The third phase must last 21 days. On the 19th day of its duration, drops must be discontinued. In this way, the body can prepare for stabilization.

HCG diet – stabilization

After losing weight, the body must go through a stabilization phase. For this purpose, for the next 21 days, you should take appropriate dietary supplements and hCG Stabilizator drops. During the last stage of losing weight, you have to gradually increase the amount of calories consumed. Still, you can’t reach for sweets, alcohol or white bread.

hcg diet - stabilization

HCG diet – allowed products

In order to lose the right amount of kilograms during the hCG diet, you must scrupulously follow its rules. Specialists have developed a list of products from which low-calorie meals should be composed so that they are filling and dietary at the same time. Here are the most important of them:


  • oranges,
  • apples,
  • grapefruits,
  • Red currant,
  • strawberries,
  • berries,


  • lettuces such as: chicory, kale, butter and iceberg lettuce, arugula,
  • onion,
  • celery, root celery,
  • pointed, white, red, Chinese cabbage,
  • tomatoes,
  • various types of peppers,
  • zucchini,
  • squashes,
  • fennel,
  • parsley,
  • spinach,
  • asparagus,
  • radish,
  • Brussels sprouts,
  • cucumbers,


  • poultry – chicken fillet, turkey breast,
  • white fish – cod, sardines, pike, zander, sea bream,
  • beef – preferably in the form of a lean steak, roast or sirloin tartare,
  • veal – mainly in the form of schnitzel,
  • seafood – shrimps, oysters, calamari,


  • still mineral water,
  • spring water,
  • black coffee (no sugar),
  • black or green tea,
  • herbal teas.

To supplement protein, you must eat dairy while on the hCG diet. Especially in the form of low-fat yoghurt or cottage cheese. A good idea for a nutritious breakfast is an omelette made from 2 egg whites and 1 yolk. Tofu is also a recommended source of protein, but only that low in fat. Interestingly, you can eat mushrooms during the slimming treatment. Mushrooms or porcini mushrooms are a great addition to a beef tenderloin steak.

HCG diet – what vitamins do you need to take with it?

Being on a low-calorie diet, we may have problems with avitaminosis. To avoid a dangerous condition, you should reach for supplements. Capsules with vitamins, minerals and amino acids improve the work of the entire body. Taking them while losing weight helps maintain immunity, concentration and energy. Below is a list of measures that should be used during the hCG diet.

  • Supplements with B vitamins – mainly B1, B2 and B6,
  • vitamin C,
  • magnesium,
  • potassium,
  • chlorella
  • spirulina.
HCG diet – side effects

When we deliver a small amount of calories to the body, we can deal with various ailments. The most common are:

  • muscle aches,
  • slight dizziness,
  • headaches,
  • constipation,
  • feeling cold frequently.

Any slimming ailments should be eliminated with home remedies. When this does not help, it is worth consulting a doctor.

HCG diet – forum full of people who want to lose weight

Being overweight is a problem that can be very acute. People who have trouble shedding excess weight most often lose self-confidence. On internet forums you can find a lot of entries on whether there is a way to lose weight effectively. According to forum users, in order to burn fat, you need to perform intense exercise and follow strict diets and supplements called burners. Tiring treatments quickly discourage weight loss. Hence, some recommend the hCG diet instead of strenuous workouts. According to many people, the drops recommended for the hCG treatment effectively reduce appetite, which makes it easier to stick to the decision.

Where to get ideas for dietary dishes?

The hCG diet is undoubtedly helpful in losing weight. Recipes for dishes according to the diet are not complicated. Their preparation takes little time, which is an additional advantage of the entire treatment. Where to get ideas for dishes that are allowed by the hCG diet? The internet blog is a place where you can read a lot about weight loss. However, it’s better to be inspired by the books that come with hCG supplements.

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