13 April 2024

What is Horton Syndrome? Find out about the worst headache

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Each of us has heard of cases of severe migraines preventing normal functioning. But how many people know that a person with Hroton Syndrome, in an act of desperation, took very radical actions, such as banging his head against a wall. In addition, there were people who wanted to take their own lives because of such intense pain. What is its cause of Horton syndrome ? Where does this disease come from? What is it anyway? A lot of information can be found on the forum about Horton’s syndrome. There you will not only learn about what this disease is, but also get to know first-hand experiences – from people who suffer from cluster headaches themselves .or from people who come into contact with a person suffering from this condition. However, if you are looking for more reliable information than those offered by Wikipedia about Horton’s syndrome or the above-mentioned forums, we encourage you to read the article in which we will discuss such issues, causes, treatment and general characteristics of this disease.

What is Horton syndrome?

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When it comes to the definition itself, nothing prevents you from supporting your knowledge with the above-mentioned sources. In the forum, Horton’s syndrome is simply described as the strongest headache that is very difficult to deal with. In some cases, this pain can lead a person to the brink of endurance and push them into behavior that is harmful to their health. According to Wikipedia, Horton’s syndrome is a type of headache called primary. This means that it does not directly threaten the patient’s life. However, in the case of cluster headaches, the pain scale of which exceeds the norm and is much stronger than migraine pain, the patient becomes dangerous, as he is unable to cope with the pain and often harms himself.

What do specialists say about Horton’s syndrome? Also known as Reader syndrome, histamine headache or cluster headache , this condition is the most intense type of headache. Mainly men aged 20-50 are exposed to this disease. However, there have been cases where younger patients have appeared.

Cluster headache pain scale

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To fully understand the seriousness of Horton’s syndrome , the first thing you need to know is the pain scale. There are many reports on the Internet that show how intense the pain is in the headache caused by Horton’s Disease . Of course, you will find different indexes that define cluster headache differently. However, it is worth using the pain scale, which is most often mentioned in cluster headache forums. This is where we will get acquainted with 10 levels (from 0, where there is no pain at all, to 10, the most intense pain that causes outbursts of aggression). Thanks to them, we are able to determine how intense the headache we experience. Why a pain scale for cluster headacheis important? A very good way is to keep a pain calendar in which we will enter the intensity. This is a very useful solution for doctors who have an insight into how often the pain is and how severe it is.

Causes of cluster headache


Unfortunately, the causes of this condition are unknown, and all possible causes are circumstantial. One potential factor in visualizing Horton’s syndrome is alcohol. It is also worth noting that relatives have a greater chance of developing the disease. For this reason, it is recommended to check whether cluster headaches have occurred in the family history of diseases. Another potential culprit behind this disease is inflammation in the bone structure. This is where the artery runs that leads to the brain. Moreover, it also leads to the trigeminal nerve.

However, specialists believe that it is not only hereditary or biological factors that influence the onset of the disease. It is the patient’s lifestyle that may also have an influence on the worsening of attacks. Unfortunately, modern medicine has not found an answer to the question of what causes cluster headaches, we only have to guess.

Symptoms of Horton’s disease

symptoms of Horton's syndrome

In the case of symptoms, they are very characteristic. For this reason, we will have no problem diagnosing this disease. The obvious symptom is an incomparably more intense, even unbearable headache. It is often described as stabbing, glaring, drilling or tearing. Moreover, it is not paralleled, but is one-sided. It is very often located at the trigeminal nerve responsible for facial innervation. Another characteristic symptom is the occurrence of attacks of these pains.

Regarding their occurrence, they appear almost immediately and last an average of 15-20 minutes. However, it is worth noting that such intense pain can last up to two hours. There may be 3 to 8 pain attacks a day. An important characteristic of the disease is that they appear in so-called clusters. This means that they occur in seizure groups.

Horton syndrome how to treat?

The treatment of this condition can be divided into several groups. The most important of these are oxygen therapy and drug therapy. Invasive treatment is also possible. This type of treatment involves surgical cutting of the sensory root of the trigeminal nerve. Another way is to use Gessar ganglion radiological thermocoagulation . Another invasive treatment worth mentioning is implantation of a stimulating electrode in the periventricular area of ​​the hypothalamus. However, given the test nature of these trials, the use of oxygen and pharmacological drugs in treatment is recommended.

How to treat Horton’s syndrome? Oxygen is the number 1 drug!

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When it comes to emergency treatment, oxygen treatment is by far the favorite indicated by everyone – both doctors and people suffering from this ailment, who have tested many different methods. The use of oxygen in the event of an attack in 80% of cases stops the attack up to 15 minutes after the start of inhalation. At the moment, there are no known side effects of oxygen intake.

Treatment of Horton’s Disease with the help of pharmacology

The most important group of drugs that help in the fight against Horton’s disease are triptans. This is a fairly new group of drugs that appeared in the world of medicine only in 1990, i.e. less than 30 years ago. Good examples of drugs from this group are Imigran and Imitrex . We can find them in the form of coated tablets and nasal sprays. Unfortunately, these drugs are not funded, so treating Horton’s Disease with Traptans is very expensive.

Horton’s disease Forum or blog – where to find reliable information?

If we are looking for verified information or opinions about Horton’s Disease, a forum with people suffering from this disease will be the best solution. This is where we find other people who have to deal with Horton syndrome on a daily basis. The cluster headache forum is not the only source from which we can learn more about the disease or get to know other people affected by it. It is also worth searching blogs, because this is where we will learn about bloggers’ stories and their experiences with the disease.

Where else to find out about the disease?

If internet forums or blogs are not the right source for us, we can read about MP’s Horton Syndrome. This is a website that provides professional articles on practical medicine for patients. There is a detailed breakdown of each area, including, of course, Horton Syndrome MP.


Cluster headache is a medical condition that we don’t know much about. The causes of this disease are unknown to us, but this does not mean that the sick are doomed to endless headaches. It is worth finding out more about treatment and getting interested in prevention. It is precisely the prevention of seizures that can be beneficial and will certainly help our body.

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