24 June 2024

Carbonic acid bath – what does it help and when can it be used?

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Beauty treatments and treatments in beauty salons are a great way to improve your appearance and health. Especially for people who like to take care of themselves. When choosing a treatment, it is worth choosing one that will help with many diseases at the same time. This is especially important when we want to improve our general well-being. The treatments with a complex effect include, first of all, a carbonic acid bath. Thanks to it, you can overcome abnormal blood circulation or deteriorated efficiency. The enriched bath has a number of positive properties. How exactly does it work and what diseases is it worth choosing?

Carbonic acid bath – what is it?

The miraculous properties of carbonic acid baths have been known for a long time. The healing treatment is offered by many spas and SPA salons. The innovative treatment is based on the use of so-called carbonic acid waters with an increased concentration of carbon dioxide. The bath temperature should be between 32 and 34 ° C. However, in some cases, your doctor may prescribe a different temperature. Traditionally, the carbonic acid bath is wet. Then the patient has to enter the bathtub filled with specially prepared water. Recently, a so-called dry carbonic acid bath has been a fairly popular form of treatment. This is done standing up in rooms where the concentration of carbon dioxide is significantly increased.

Wet carbonic acid bath

As already mentioned, carbonic acid water is used for wet carbon dioxide baths. The concentration of carbon dioxide per liter in them is over 400 mg. The carbonic acid bath takes place in a bathtub specially prepared for the treatment. The dimensions of the device are usually not too big as patients have to spend time sitting in it. The waters intended for the therapeutic bath may come from a natural spring or be artificially created. In the latter case, special saturators should be used for enrichment. In spas and sanatoriums, water from natural springs is most often used. Their properties have a positive effect on the work of the circulatory system.

Dry carbonic acid bath

Not everyone is able to freely enter a bathtub intended for a wet carbonic acid bath. With the elderly and disabled people in mind, dry treatments appear more and more often in the spa offer. These take place in appropriately adapted rooms or chambers. Importantly, the elevated carbon dioxide concentration should only rise to a height of one meter from the floor level. Sometimes, during the procedure, patients are dressed in protective clothing that protects against the effects of gas on the head area. Absorption of carbon dioxide during a dry bath has a very similar effect as during a wet treatment.

The effects of carbonic acid bath

Both wet and dry carbonic acid baths are a very complex procedure. Carbon dioxide absorbed through the skin affects a number of processes. The compound stimulates the work of the circulatory system. Therefore, as a result of the treatment, the tissues are better nourished and oxygenated. Carbonic acid bath helps in eliminating many diseases. Its properties have a positive effect on health and well-being. The most important effects of a carbonic acid bath are:

  • improvement of microcirculation,
  • improving the coronary flow,
  • improvement of lung ventilation,
  • improvement of efficiency,
  • improvement of metabolism,
  • lowering blood pressure,
  • tissue nourishment.

Carbonic acid bath – what does it help?

Healing treatments are a great solution for people with health problems. Many of them can be found in the offer of health resorts and sanatoriums. One of the most effective treatments is the carbonic acid bath. The treatment works on the body almost immediately. However, to maintain the effects, it is worth repeating it several times. According to specialists, a carbonic acid bath can help with diseases such as:

  • hypertension,
  • arterial adhesions,
  • insomnia,
  • bad mood,
  • elevated cholesterol,
  • elevated sugar levels,
  • abnormal blood circulation in the extremities,
  • overload diseases,
  • rheumatism,
  • neurovegetative dystonia.

The dry carbon dioxide bath has a calming effect. Relaxation is, however, only one of the many properties of the treatment. Due to the influence of carbon dioxide, patients can get rid of inflammation and pain of various origins. Carbonic acid bath helps to eliminate too frequent contractions of smooth muscles. According to specialists, the procedure is also able to lower blood sugar levels. This is especially important for people who have had problems with hyperglycemia for a long time. Importantly, people struggling with serious illnesses should consult a doctor before visiting the spa. Some diseases preclude the use of a carbonic acid bath. Contraindications to the procedure are, among others anemia, atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels of the heart and cardiovascular failure.

Opinions on the therapeutic bath

Many people who have problems with blood circulation decide to take a carbonic bath. A non-invasive procedure is a good method to fight hypertension or insomnia. People who have decided to take a therapeutic bath in the past confirm its effect. According to patients, the treatment has a great effect on general well-being and health. The procedure itself is quite pleasant, which is its additional advantage. Patients point out that the carbonic acid bath gives very quick results. As women say, after the treatment, its effects can be noticed immediately. As a result of improved circulation and efficiency, ladies are less tired and have more energy. At the same time, however, they find it easier to fall asleep in the evenings. Gentlemen often use a carbonic acid bath for rheumatism problems. As they say, thanks to the procedure, the discomfort associated with the disease is less bothersome, which has a positive effect on their overall functioning. However, men point out that in order for the therapy to bring lasting results, the therapeutic bath must be repeated regularly. It can be said that the opinions about the procedure are in most cases positive. People in spas pay attention to its complex operation. Carbonic acid bath supports the treatment of some diseases and also has a relaxing effect. Patients enjoy the therapy, especially as it reminds them of a SPA treatment. People in spas pay attention to its complex operation. Carbonic acid bath supports the treatment of some diseases and also has a relaxing effect. Patients like to use the therapy, especially as it reminds them of a SPA treatment. People in spas pay attention to its complex operation. Carbonic acid bath supports the treatment of some diseases and also has a relaxing effect. Patients like to use the therapy, especially as it reminds them of a SPA treatment.

carbonic acid bath - what is it?

Carbonic acid bath in a bathtub or standing?

For some time now, you can use the carbonic acid bath both wet and dry. Both types of treatments bring similar results. So which one should you choose? In fact, it all depends on our condition and motor skills. If we have problems getting into the bathtub, we should decide on a dry carbonic acid bath. This takes place while standing in specially adapted rooms or chambers, the entrance to which is free. It is true that the carbonic acid bath in the bathtub allows you to relax better, because during it the patient must be in a sitting position. Nevertheless, most of the bathtubs adapted to the treatment have high walls, which makes it difficult for seniors or disabled people to enter the device. A healing dry bath is also a good solution for those who do not like to soak in water for too long. A quite significant difference between the two treatments is that you do not need to remove your clothes for dry therapy, while for the wet therapy you do. If for some reason someone is embarrassed to undress, a dry treatment will be a better choice for him. Importantly, before each treatment, remove jewelry and other unnecessary accessories.

Carbonic acid bath at home – how to do it?

Not all of us like to spend time with doctors or in spas. For this reason, we often look for ways to treat ourselves at home. Unfortunately, not every treatment can be performed at home. When it comes to a carbonic acid bath, it is almost impossible. For wet treatment, carbonic acid waters with an increased concentration of carbon dioxide should be used. Of course, they can be made artificially. Nevertheless, to enrich the water, you must have specialized saturators. Appropriate equipment is also required to carry out a dry carbonic acid bath. The equipment required for therapy is quite expensive and must be well managed. Due to the beneficial properties of the treatment and its reasonable price, it is worth going to the spa at least once in a while. Even if we don’t like such places. For best results, it is a good idea to complete the entire treatment. Especially if a doctor tells us to do so.

carbonic acid bath - effects

Carbonic acid bath with brine – work better together?

Many people, in addition to the carbon acid bath, also often choose a brine bath. Some people use both treatments alternately. The brine has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system. In addition, it helps to cleanse the body of excess toxins. The properties of the brine bath make patients have more energy after the treatment and better cope with stress and fatigue. The treatment works well for people struggling with chronic respiratory diseases. They can also be used by patients suffering from rheumatism. Some specialists believe that brine baths are a great alternative to carbonic acid baths. Others believe that the treatments should be used alternately. Before starting any therapy, the patient should consult his or her attending physician. The specialist will advise which treatment will work better in a given case. It is worth remembering that baths, although called therapeutic baths, cannot completely replace traditional treatment. Even as the health condition improves after the procedure, the patient cannot stop taking medication without the doctor’s consent.

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