24 June 2024

Egg shells – how do they affect our health?

skorupki jaj - jak wpływają na zdrowie

Are you wondering what dietary supplements to use to feel young and healthy? It is difficult to choose the best one among the products available on the market? It turns out that proven methods are provided by nature itself. We are talking about egg shells, which affect not only bones and muscles, but also the condition of our skin. Unfortunately, many of us still do not know about it, so the precious minerals contained in egg shells most often end up in the basket … It’s time to change it!

Eggs are one of the most valuable ingredients in our diet . They contain huge amounts of micronutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately, most often after using eggs, we usually throw away the shells, and they contain calcium powder, which is a great building material for our bones. In addition, egg shells affect the appearance and condition of the skin. What other properties of egg shells should you use in your daily care? We decided to take a closer look at this topic. We encourage you to read!

Egg shells – a source of valuable minerals

Egg shells contain not only calcium with excellent digestibility, but also copper, iron, fluorine, manganese, zinc, silicon and sront. How do individual minerals affect human health?

  • Copper – transports oxygen to every cell of our body, and also increases the body’s resistance. Copper prevents heart and circulatory system diseases. In addition, it destroys the bacteria that appear in the body.
  • Iron – creates red blood cells and helps to remove harmful substances from the liver. It is found in hemoglobin, which takes oxygen in the lungs and gives it away in the tissues.
  • Fluoride – works to harden the enamel. The lack of fluoride in the enamel makes it thin and quickly deteriorates.
  • Manganese – improves the functioning of the nervous system and regulates the level of libido. Its deficiency can cause serious nervous disorders. It helps in the production of thyroxine (one of the thyroid hormones). Manganese helps your body store iron.
  • Zinc – affects the body’s absorption of vitamins, and also participates in the transformation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It protects us against colds and conjunctivitis. Zinc also affects the condition of hair and nails.
  • Silicon – an element with unique properties. It reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis and bone diseases. Our body contains about 7 g of this element, but its amount decreases with age, so it is worth supplementing it. Like zinc, it also affects our hair and nails. Silicon also heals inflammation of the skin.
  • Sront – This is a particularly interesting ingredient. Sront has a double effect: it inhibits osteogenic cells and stimulates osteogenic cells.

Egg shell is a product of a biomineralization process. Its main task is to protect the embryo from the outside world. The shell is supposed to provide the embryo with the necessary nutrients, especially calcium salts.

egg shells and health

How does calcium affect human health?

Calcium is an ingredient without which our body is unable to function properly. It not only builds bones and teeth, but also supports the weight loss process by limiting the amount of absorbed fat. Thanks to this mineral, some fat is excreted from the body. Calcium powder increases bone density and accelerates the reconstruction of articular cartilage, which helps to relieve rheumatic pains. The right concentration of calcium in the body regulates the nervous system and allows you to avoid sleep problems, and also ensures a good mood. It is worth knowing that one egg shell contains about 800 mg of calcium.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency can be very dangerous to our health. At first, it only manifests itself as recurring joint pain and muscle spasms, as well as tingling in the extremities. However, when the calcium level in our body is very low, anxiety and frequent injuries can occur. Calcium deficiency is dangerous for children – it can inhibit their proper development.

It is worth mentioning that excess calcium is also not the best for our body – it can cause a lack of appetite, constipation and nausea. However, it is difficult to overdose on calcium that is naturally present in food. This risk mainly concerns dietary supplements available at the pharmacy.

Egg shells for osteoporosis – how does it work?

Egg shells are a real help for people struggling with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease of civilization that affects the elderly (50 +), but in women it may appear just after the menopause. The basic symptoms of osteoporosis include recurrent back and hip pain, although it is worth knowing that the disease may be asymptomatic for a long time. That is why patients very often find out about it when it is already developed.

Persistent ailments make everyday life difficult and usually result in a stooped figure. To find out if you are at risk, you should examine the level of bone tissue. It is enough to ask an internist for a referral for a bone density test, the so-called densitometry. For the treatment to be effective, you should introduce as many calcium-rich foods as possible in your daily diet. These include, among others, eggs and … egg shells.

Egg shells contain up to 90% of available calcium and are the only “cure” for osteoporosis that does not cause any side effects, which is very important in the case of older people. Why are shells so valuable to our health?

The inside of each shell is made of a white, thin film. It consists mainly of protein, but also collagen, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine. They are the basic ingredients of drugs used by people suffering from osteoporosis. Calcium in combination with collagen rebuild damaged bone tissue and alleviate the basic symptoms of the disease.

Egg shells – how to prepare the mixture and is it safe?

Preparation of the mixture is extremely simple. It is enough to peel the boiled egg and then grind the shell (for example, in a coffee grinder). The dust formed in this way can be added to everyday dishes, mixing with other spices – the shells have no flavor. It is recommended to consume one teaspoon of the powder a day (our body needs about 800-1000 mg of the element a day). To keep the powder from losing its properties, keep it in a jar. The first effects of using the mixture can be noticed after a month of regular use.

The treatment is completely safe and intended for people of all ages. Currently, all eggs sold in Europe have the appropriate certificates, thanks to which we can be sure that they are a high quality commodity.

eggshells - their effect on health

Unusual properties of egg shells

It turns out that egg shells are a valuable ingredient, not only in the treatment of osteoporosis and other diseases of the human skeletal system. What else can we use egg shells for? Here are some ideas to make your everyday life easier:

  • A method for irritated skin – if you are looking for a natural mask for irritated, dry skin, all you need to do is mix the egg shell with the egg white and put it on your face, then leave it for 15 minutes. The mask should be washed off with warm water. Collagen contained in the eggshell has a rejuvenating and regenerating effect on the epidermis. It is an effective and cheap method of daily care.
  • Painkiller – chondroitin and glucosamine contained in the eggshell are responsible for the proper functioning of articular cartilage. A mixture prepared from egg shells combined with apple cider vinegar will relieve pain in the limbs.
  • Proven dietary supplement – people exposed to osteoporosis are often recommended to take specialist supplements from the pharmacy. Meanwhile, in order to avoid many diseases of the joints, it is enough to regularly take the powder of crushed egg shells.
  • An addition to coffee – if you do not like its sour aftertaste, which is often the cause of stomach problems, just add a teaspoon of shell powder to it – it will soothe the taste of coffee. The powder should be added to the coffee before brewing.
  • Natural cleanser – egg shells perfectly dissolve fat. It is enough to crush a few shells, and then add washing-up liquid and water to them.
  • Recurrent infection cure – struggling with a recurring cold? Egg shells cleanse the blood and support the immune system. It is enough to scald a few shells, crush them, add boiled water, and then refrigerate for 7 days. The drink prepared in this way helps to effectively get rid of toxins from the body.

Egg shells are an invaluable treasure that we can use in many ways. Their most important property is bone reconstruction and injury mitigation. It turns out that it is not always worth reaching for expensive supplements and medicines available at the pharmacy – natural ingredients that we have at hand are enough. Remember, however, that regularity is very important in any treatment.

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