18 April 2024

Itchy scrotum and male intimate problems

swędząca moszna u mężczyzny

More and more men are struggling with intimate problems that are not discussed on a daily basis. They cannot be ignored as, if left untreated, they can lead to serious consequences. One such problem is itchy scrotum .

There are many reasons for this state of health. Some problems are really trivial and a regular cream will solve them. Unfortunately, in many cases, the red scrotum is an issue that can be the beginning of a serious illness or other health problem. So how do you deal with itchy scrotum? What to do to make redness disappear? How not to confuse an ordinary allergy to, for example, washing detergent, with a serious intimate health problem ?

Itchy scrotum – what does it mean, who is affected?

itchy scrotum - bacteria

However, before answering the above questions, it is worth knowing what is usually understood by the phrase itchy scrotum . For some, the problem is quite clear and it is indeed an itchy scrotum. However, for some it is tingling, burning, and for others it is numbness.

The problem may be primarily the skin of the scrotum, or the testicles, which are in the scrotum. Itching is most often accompanied by skin lesions of intimate parts . Redness is usually a characteristic feature. There are also spots, discoloration, and in some situations, thickening.

Itchy scrotum – Age doesn’t matter

The problem of itchy scrotum can affect any man, regardless of age, condition, activity, work, or other external or biological (including genetic) factors. However, most often this problem affects people who have recently struggled with inflammation or yeast in the intimate area . We also cannot forget that it is often one of the first symptoms of diabetes. There is no mention of the fact that diabetics themselves often have intimate problems, which brings them into frustration and breakdown. In many cases, this problem also affects people who complain about the side effects of taking certain antibiotics. It is worth noting that red scrotum or itching may also be a symptom of dysfunction of the sex glands..

What is scrotal mycosis? Symptoms and causes

scrotal mycosis

A fairly common explanation for an itchy scrotum is ringworm. Mycosis of the scrotum , as with ordinary mycosis, is a highly contagious, contagious disease. It is caused by microscopic fungi that cause inflammation of the skin. Unfortunately, genital mycosis is not always symptomatic, and some people may not be aware of it until an itchy red spot appears on the scrotum.. Other symptoms to watch out for are itching. Symptoms of scrotal mycosis are also the above-mentioned redness or dry, cracked skin. It should be remembered that in the case of scrotal mycosis, we cannot afford any irritation. Therefore, we must refrain from scratching the scrotum, because in the case of more severe irritation, small bubbles may appear, from which blood or pus may be released. This can lead to the spread of the bacterial infection.

Mycosis of the scrotum – Hygiene is the key!

Mycosis of the scrotum will be our problem if we do not properly take care of  intimate hygiene . Intimate hygiene liquids with a pH appropriate for the skin are widely available on the drugstore market or in pharmacies. So there is no excuse for private hygiene. Of course, another reason is also weakened immunity and damaged skin. Remember that the human body is full of bacteria and microorganisms to which the weakened body may lose its immunity. Of course, let’s not forget about sexually transmitted infections. If we are having sexwith another, infected person, there is a high risk that the mycosis will also attack our organs. We often do not know that the partner has health problems because: firstly, he is ashamed to admit, and secondly, he or she may not know about it yet. The protection is provided by a condom which does not offer certain protection, and in the case of oral sex there is no protection whatsoever.

What other causes of an itchy scrotum could be there?

causes of itching in the scrotum

An itchy red spot on the scrotum doesn’t necessarily mean we have a fungal problem. Of course, it could be a simple irritation or an allergic reaction to any of the medications or laundry detergents. Then we don’t really have to worry about long and protracted treatments that will cost us a fortune. However, in some situations we will face an equally troublesome disease, which is mycosis. You should therefore consider the following causes of an itchy scrotum:

  1. Lichen

If there is an itchy red spot on the scrotum, chances are you are dealing with impetigo . It is often a chronic skin disease , but in some cases it can occur locally. Low immunity, life under stress, or having an autoimmune disease – these are the most common factors contributing to the development of the disease. The doctor’s intervention is essential here!

  1. Genital tract infection

It is true that the skin changes rarely occur , and hence the scrotum is itchy in the case of genital infections , but it is still possible. This type of infection is most often diagnosed after burning during urination or changes in the appearance of the penis. You should remember about vaginal discharge because they are a characteristic symptom of venereal disease. Treated most often with antibiotics – getting rid of the problem of genital tract infections should also eliminate itching.

  1. Itching

It may also turn out that the cause of the symptoms is the itch itself, without mycosis. In this case, follow the instructions of a specialist, ensure adequate ventilation around the scrotum and, of course, maintain intimate hygiene at a very high level. Underwear made of artificial materials and tightening the skin tightly is not the best solution.

What’s the best way to itch the scrotum?

ways to itch the scrotum

First of all, we need to determine what exactly is the cause and what the symptoms are. In this case, it is recommended to visit a specialist. It will not only diagnose our condition, but also help us choose the right treatment. Of course, if we want, we can try some home remedies. Remember, however, that the best solution will always be to consult a doctor, and treatment with home remedies is not always the right solution. Alternative methods are best consulted with a doctor, and their aim should be to alleviate pain and troublesome symptoms ..

Home remedies for itchy scrotum

  1. Adequate underwear

Before you start applying compresses and lubricating your organs with various mixtures, it is worth making sure that our boxer shorts or briefs are made of the right materials . Artificial, non-breathable materials that are the cheapest, combined with inadequate hygiene, can lead to irritation or a more serious problem. It is therefore necessary to prepare appropriate underwear, preferably from natural and breathable materials. Merino wool is a great choice. A cheaper alternative will be cotton made of bamboo fiber .

Health-promoting products and extracts from natural ingredients

  1. Healing ointments

Very often, the solution to our situation will be ointments that moisturize the irritated skin and ensure its proper regeneration. However, it should be noted that some preparations may contain ingredients to which we are allergic. Therefore, it is worth reading the leaflet carefully and not risking its deterioration. Such measures are only intended to provide relief, not cure.

  1. Antibiotics

The use of antibiotics to treat our problem is usually the basis of medical therapy. Sometimes you need blood or smear tests to check which specific bacteria you are struggling with. The doctor then adjusts such antibiotics to which the bacteria is not resistant. Then we can be sure that the treatment will be effective, there will be no allergic reaction and our condition will not worsen. What’s more, using drugs to get rid of this problem will be the best solution, especially if home remedies have not helped us and we are still struggling with red skin on the testicles and redness.

Itchy scrotum – what is worth remembering?

The above-mentioned ways can certainly help you find a solution to our problem. However, it should be remembered that the reddened scrotum in men can mean both superficial irritation and serious diseases. However, it is up to us to decide whether we will decide on professional help or try the treatment on our own. Remember that health is the most important value, so it is worth going to the doctor despite your embarrassment. We often feel embarrassed when we have to talk about intimate ailments, but it’s better to break down and say openly what is wrong with us. If we delay, the condition may develop even more. Then it will be even more awkward to talk about it. Therefore, immediate reaction is always the best solution.

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